Top 10 <£500 PC's - do they exist????

  frible 22:15 13 Dec 2006

Got my copy of the mag delivered and went straght to the best buys section as I need a new cheap PC. There were 3 core duo pc's listed, which were just what I wanted. Only problem is when you come to bu them, they either dont exist, Vantage Computers or Watford Aires or the price has gone up by nearly £100, Arbico.

This seems to make a mockery of the tables, and although I understand things change quickly, these offers had gone before the mag hit the street.

Although I will save a special mention for Arbico, the PC IS available, IS on a BIG Bannner on thier home page, has PC-Advisor BEST BUY plastered all over it, but would it have got the award at the price they are now seling it for. For the record when I first checked it was not listed on thier site. I'm thinking fishy.

  sean-278262 04:24 14 Dec 2006

Are you sure the price in the magazine is plus vat? Is it exactly the same? Have they maybe added some parts to make it pull up with the magazine suggestions to up the price?

Not got my mag with me at the moment but Im sure if you call them they can explain the difference. I would be sure it is likely to be less VAT.

On another point however PCA and many magazines just get given PCs to test. There are computers out there that would be faster that those in the top 10s. So go check other places. Just compare specifications. Ideally make a spreadsheet with the specs and then write down each pc with all the most vital details of them.

  trisha01 13:37 14 Dec 2006

I got an Acer Aspire T180. 1024mb mem. 160 gig hard drive 17" Flat screen monitor, DVD rewriter etc £399 in Comet.

  Production ed 14:31 14 Dec 2006

I can assure you that the PCs mentioned do exist, although it would make testing them a whole lot easier if we just imagined them... you might be on to something here.

The Arbico CD7600V can be found can be found on that company's website (click here) by searching for 'CD7600V'. There is a banner advert on the front page that advertises this model, but it alternates with another ad for a similarly named but more expensive PC - perhaps this is the source of the confusion?

With the other two, they are definitely available, but you may have to ring and ask for them by name, quoting 'PC Advisor'. I've just done this with the the Vantage (asking for 'the Eclipse from PC Advisor page 178') and there was no problem.

Obviously vendors are under no obligation to submit PCs for review or even to continue selling models after they've been tested, but it's very rare that they are unavailable.

And it's certainly true that one of the virtues of buying something as complex as a PC is that it is entirely the buyer's right to specify the model they want. Shop around using our charts and buying advice as your guide, and you'll find you can get a great deal.

Hope this clears up any confusion.


Matt Egan
Managing editor
PC Advisor

  frible 15:09 14 Dec 2006


Thanks for looking at that, and yes the Arbico is now showing the right model at the right price. This must have changed since my last posting but I am very happy in any case.

I did realise that you state in the mag that we may have to ring to get the model shown. It just struck me that after an hour or so of looking for these PC's that none could be found "off the shelf".

keep up the good work.

  Terry Brown 16:04 14 Dec 2006

The question you should ask before the price is 'Will it do all that I want it to do, now and in the next 3 years '*

*[Approx lifecycle before update to a better machine]

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