Top 10 listings for sale?

  fredhead40 15:38 13 Jan 2006

How long following a review for the top 10 listing do the companies have to sell their PC for?

I wished to buy a superbuget PC for my nephew as listed in the top ten test centre reviews from the February issue.

The one I selected was the Vantage NewStar, The reason for selecting the second place was because he hasn't the room available for a CRT monitor.

On or about the 4th January I sent an email via the Vantages web page asking for some information about the PC and what process I need to follow to order. To date I still have not had any reply.

Today I have decided to phone the number shown in the magazine and said that I wanted to purchase the computer tested in PCAdvisor magazine and was told that they have stopped selling it. I asked why as they have to continue to sell the item for a period of time as part of the terms of the review by PC Advisor and was told that PC Advisor had published the review in January. I was a bit miffed that we haven't even got to February and I cant buy it.

I pointed this out and they said that because your magazine published the review in the January edition it was on sale from the 18th November.

Does anyone here know what the terms and conditions of sale are for the reviewed PC's as I believed that they had to continue to sell for a period of 3 months. I would appreciate a quick response as if it is a 2 month period then I am at least still within the required time.

  Stuartli 16:03 13 Jan 2006

Apart from the fact that you can probably get a system builder to provide the particular model you have in mind by providing the specification, it's almost certain that you can get an even better ready built system for the same price now.

There's a vast choice of systems on offer throughout the UK - doesn't seem worth getting het up about one particular outlet's product.

By the way, I seem to remember that firms who provide systems for testing must make them available for at least six weeks after publication to avoid the problem you are suffering.

  fredhead40 16:28 13 Jan 2006

Whats the point of the top 10 PC lists.
If its six weeks then surely this makes the built PC section pointless because if you consider that the pc was tested in the January issue, which I missed, I bought the February issue and cant buy whats been tested. Its a different storey for the individual items tested like the monitors, printers, drives etc as these are on sale all of the time. Surely all the top 10 achieves for the PC tests is a free bit of advertising and to add insult the tested PC's will be listed for several months untill knocked out of the chart. Several months gone by and you cant buy the PC after the sixth week.

You mention getting a better system. Thats why I used the top 10 in the first place to find the best system.

  Stuartli 16:48 13 Jan 2006

The February issue comes out approximately four weeks after the January publication - you would therefore still have two weeks of the six weeks remaining for the earlier reviews...:-)

  fredhead40 17:08 13 Jan 2006

This would seem to add up but Vantage tell me that the January issue of PCA was published on the 18th November which would mean that the February magazine would have been on sale in December on that basis. Six weeks from the 18th Nov means that you have until the 18th December to order. As the January Magazine would have been published 4 weeks later that gives you TWO whole weeks in which to order a PC from the January edition test.

My point is that the Top ten PC reviews are useless unless you can buy them as tested/described. I am pretty sure that the super budget PC's are close to zero profit and even loss makers in some cases so there is an incentive to make sure they dont have to sell many. Off the back of the test they get losts of interest in the brand name and so this must add up to a form of free advertising.

If anyone knows where I can get the same spec for the same price then tell me because I cant find it.

  spuds 17:27 13 Jan 2006

fredhead-- This very same problem as occured with other magazines and computer manufacturers.

  fredhead40 17:32 13 Jan 2006

Spud this may well be the case but I consider PCA to be one of the better balanced magazines available over the past 15 years that I have been buying computer mags. I am sure that if the magazines wanted to get it sorted they could do so very easy.

  Stuartli 08:45 14 Jan 2006

Most have by insisting that any review systems remain on sale for a certain period after publication.

However, I don't think anyone would be too pleased if they bought one of these systems and then discovered (as this is a very fast moving technology) that they could have had something even better for the same price - or even less.

  Stuartli 08:47 14 Jan 2006

Don't forget that a review system has to actually be reviewed - and that takes time.

  fredhead40 01:17 15 Jan 2006

I think you need to understand that we are talking super budget here not a PC that costs over a grand where you have as much choice as you want. Prove me wrong and find a PC with a better spec for the same money as you seem to think this is possible.

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