Top 10 BB and speeds in your area

  Covergirl 20:45 22 Mar 2011

I thought this was interesting click here

Found it last week after watching ITV Breakfast telly. It gives speeds broadband speeds for everyone in your area (who has tried it) along with their service provider.

It's probably been mentioned in the past but I must have missed it.

No personal details required apart from your postcode. Give it a try, although the results appear to be quite random.

  ams4127 22:03 22 Mar 2011

Thanks for that link. It appears that I'm the fastest in the street!

  Jameslayer 22:32 22 Mar 2011

Looking at everyone else in my street. Only way to get faster is togo virgin.

  Covergirl 05:34 23 Mar 2011

. . . on both their speedtest and the namesco/virgin speedtest so I'm happy with the results. Not much faster in my locality - speeds only increase closer to the exchange.

I've been looking for something like this for ages.

  hastelloy 08:54 23 Mar 2011

This told me I'm getting 2.6 Mbps with Zen whilst BT could give me 7.1. BT's own checker says I can have a maximum of 2.5. So I'll take the results with a large pinch of salts.

  siouxah1 09:06 23 Mar 2011

Recently took up BT's offer of Infinity up to 40Mbs. They quoted 24.6 possible download, so accepted.

The end result after a couple of weeks is usually 31Mbs down and 1.6 up.

The fastest in the area is 35. But they are much nearer the Green Box.

Very pleased. Not bad for a small town in East Anglia.

  onthelimit 11:00 23 Mar 2011

That's an interesting site, Covergirl. Shows my connection to be 3 times faster than the others (that have been tested) in my area. Shall not complain again!

  Clapton is God 11:01 23 Mar 2011

Can I be the first to question the accuracy of the data?

In my street it reports Tiscali gives you 5.4 meg.

I'm with Tiscali and average 6.5 meg.

  Kevscar1 11:41 23 Mar 2011

It's Bull says plusnet speed is 46.4 mb. Plusnet do upto 60 but when I ran their own test they estimated the est they can give me is 6mb

  Thalmus 11:53 23 Mar 2011

Yeah, very inaccurate, I'm not even listed on there, or if i am it has incorrect details

  Covergirl 12:19 23 Mar 2011

But . . .

My first few attempts at this were within half an hour of the article appearing on ITV - and yes, my speeds were slower than 3.8mbps, due, I would guess, to over subscription as us ITV punters logged in and tested.

However, I waited until after lunch when the rush had subsided and since then I've got 3.8mbps (or within tens of that figure) every time. That agrees with the Virgin Namesco speedtest which gives virtually identical results.

PlusNet estimated my speed to be 0.8 (yes, zero point eight) two weeks ago when I tested via their website, but they are not LLUd at my exchange yet whereas TT, who I am with, are.

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