Too much information?

  ened 11:15 14 Oct 2007

I am trying to research the components for building myself a new machine.

My present one, which is about four years old, seemed pretty straightforward: I started with a processor and matched everything from there.

At the moment I don’t even know which processor meets my needs!

I am not a gamer and mainly use my computer for photography with word processing and the internet. I am using Photoshop Elements and have found that my current machine is struggling to keep up.

Also I need as quiet a case as possible, despite what Antec advertise my present Sonata II is as noisy as any.

I have been scooting around but would appreciate some suggestions to point me in the right direction.

One more thing : it will need to support Vista as I don’t want to be doing this again for a few more years.

  Diemmess 11:37 14 Oct 2007

Tackled almost the same problem with the same snags last Spring.

1. Acknowledged that I cannot build anywhere near as cheaply as I can buy readymade.

2. Bought a mid-range Novatech. Dramatic increase in performance but noisy.

3. Bought a Thermaltake PSU, noise reduction almost perfect.

4. Added a floppy drive, because I still use it very occasionally and don't have room for two PCs.

OK it didn't cost a lot and I have Core 2 duo, 2Gb RAM SATA and all those things that have come onto the scene since I last built my computer.

  ened 11:44 14 Oct 2007

I have looked at Novatech and their barebones systems.

I do enjoy putting my own machines together but that is worth considering.

Assuming you were looking for similar features to me, would you mind telling me: what was the spec. of your machine?

  spuds 12:07 14 Oct 2007

You appear to have taken the right start, by seeing what is on offer via barebone systems.

What I would suggest, that what components you decide to use, ask the retailer if they would be compatible. If they confirm that they are, then you have a case for return, if you hit problems. Deciding yourself, then finding compatibility problems later, could lead to a retailer refusal to help. Novatech or CCL will provide help and advice.

  Forum Editor 12:18 14 Oct 2007

what Diemmess has said. Recently I decided to change the desktop machine that I use in my home office. In the past I have always built my own machines, but on this occasion I was very pushed for time, and suffering from a bout of 'can't be bothered' syndrome, so I went looking for a ready-made solution.

After a bit of research, and one false start, I ended up with a very nice Compaq Presario, and a superb 22" Samsung monitor (the best I've ever used), and I'm delighted with it all. The Compaq whispers along - you can't hear it at all - running Vista in 2Gigabytes of RAM, and I reckon it could handle more or less anything I demanded of it.

I saved a lot of messing about, and ended up with a machine that took me all of 15 minutes to set up, straight from the box.

My grateful thanks go to Abbas, of PCWorld, who went to endless trouble to ensure that I got exactly what I wanted. It was Abbas who recommended the Samsung monitor, and I'm delighted that he did - it's magnificent.

  ened 13:21 14 Oct 2007

"....ask the retailer if they would be compatible."

That is one of the aspects I like about Ebuyer: and that is how I built my present system - basically by purchasing 'recommended' parts using the processor as a start point.

However I am slightly at a loss as to which level of processor I need. There seems to be so much choice and I don't really understand if I need all they have to offer - although I am led to believe Vista requires 64bit.

  Forum Editor 13:24 14 Oct 2007

You've been misinformed.

Vista comes in both 32bit and 64bit versions.

  ened 14:54 14 Oct 2007

I was talking about Ultimate which I was unable to install on my present machine.

  Diemmess 17:35 15 Oct 2007

Sorry, I overlooked your question about which Novatech readymade I bought.

There is no absolute equivalent to my (May07) purchase but:

CPU Intel Core Duo 1.87Ghz
RAM DDR2-667 64bit 2 X 1024Mb
HD Seagate 320Gb SATA
Video Geforce 8500 GT
Onboard Intel sound. All sorts of available sockets, surround sound perhaps but good even with my setup!

(thrown in) Novatech Keyboard and optical mouse

Did not buy an OS Used my OEM XP Pro.
Extra - One floppy drive fitted myself, total including delivery £481

  Diemmess 17:39 15 Oct 2007

Add one DVD R of course!

  mikeben121 21:25 15 Oct 2007

You won't save money building your own. However you will get what you want and you will be able to build it in such a way that when you want / need to upgrade you can do so quite cheaply.

swings and roundabouts innit!

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