TomTom one & model name help (off Topic a bit)

  Killo Bite 21:06 16 Jun 2007

after reading endless reviews in the mags and here on the reviews section the "TomTom One Regional" is the one I wish to buy.

Problem: Does is also go by the same aka name as TomTom One GB/UK v2 ? I was looking at Ebuyer to buy but the "Regional" is not listed unless its got another name.
In a PCW mag review it was given as Part No. 5N00.110 but other online sources have diferent numbers.

So does anyone know a little about the TomTom ranges and which model is really a Regional ?

Just some notes of anoyone interested in Medion brand from ALDI, still in Stock at my local is the 460 £199.00 BUT! >
I found this problem also with the Medion there is a GoPal 460, 465 & 470 but they all have a same P4120 number. Note 465 is great but the 460 not so great, their is £60 differece though.

  robinhood_1984 21:11 16 Jun 2007

I dont know of any different types of TomTom One. I thought one of the main differences between the One and the others is that the One only has UK/IE maps instead of Europe etc. I own a One which I bought from Halfords about two months ago and I'm more than happy with it.

  rdave13 21:49 16 Jun 2007

There is a v1 and v2 version of TTone. Second version is more expensive with the version 6.501. GPS V1.21. map: United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland v660.1199.
Excellent piece of kit but had to buy a home charger (from Amazon) as that is not supplied with TT one.

  Killo Bite 21:51 16 Jun 2007

Before I babble on, can I ask does yours include Traffic updates Free or at extra cost and is GRPS Extra cost, what is GRPS if you know, thanks.

  Killo Bite 21:53 16 Jun 2007

Is the V2 though more expensive better ?
I notice you do not mention the Regional, is this v2 the same as the Regional?

  rdave13 22:07 16 Jun 2007

click here , hope this info helps. The v2 needs a minature usb link to charge at home unlike the v1.

  rdave13 22:13 16 Jun 2007

Also click here

  robinhood_1984 22:28 16 Jun 2007

My TomTom one didn't come with traffic updates and I dont know what GRPS is either. I dont really know all that much about SatNavs and I only got this initially to act as a speed camera detector, but I'm very happy with how it performs as a navigational device too, although as I'm driving a 44ton truck, it does occasionally try and send me down some incredibly inappropriate roads! Hence I always have an AtoZ open if I have one of the area, just in case! But for drivers or cars or vans, its good enough for anyone in my opinion.

  Killo Bite 22:57 16 Jun 2007

So ths Regional in the magazine reviews like PCW, Computer Shopper, PDA Essentials all refer to regional so am I correct in understanding that the TomTom One models are all Regional and the name Regional means the country/s for which region is covered.

So am I correct in understanding that the TomTom one UK V2 from here click here is a Regional hence Regional for UK & Eire ?

  rdave13 22:58 16 Jun 2007

Good post. As you come nearer to your destination I always check with another foolproof sat nav tool. The humble signpost..:)

  rdave13 23:04 16 Jun 2007

It's a v2 TomTom. Make sure you get an offer , if you are thinking of buying from the linked site, of a home AC/DC charger. Extra cost but invaluable. Regional, for whatever it's worth--just a name :)

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