tomtom 510, wrong turns notification

  terryf 04:28 06 Dec 2006

Don't know whether this is the right forum but does any-one know whether tomtom 510 advises you if you take a wrong turning. Mine didn't when I experimented by doing it deliberately.

  Confab 12:49 06 Dec 2006

As ßeta says it instantly knows you have taken an incorrect route and then recaculates a new route from where you are. Much better than telling you that you have made an error.

  The Brigadier 13:48 06 Dec 2006

On more advanced sat-nav it does say your going the wrong way for about 1 minute then recalculates the trip.

  terryf 14:59 06 Dec 2006

The Brigadier, please advise which you mean by 'more advanced sat-nav', I thought that the 510 was advanced

  Confab 21:45 06 Dec 2006

You can't get much more advanced than a TomTom.

The reason it doesn't tell you that you have made a wrong turn is two fold. Firstly it recalculates the route for you almost instantly so no need to tell you that you have made an error. Most of the time if you take a wrong turn it’s only a matter of either going round the block or making a small adjustment to your route to solve the issue. Secondly some people would panic if their sat nav says they had just gone the wrong way. I can just imagine the brake slamming or u-turning at the first hint of "you have taken a wrong turn"

  Forum Editor 22:34 06 Dec 2006

a short while ago, after reading numerous favourable reviews, and on the recommendation of several of our forum members. I can truthfully say that I'm extremely impressed.

If you take a wrong turning - as I did, deliberately - it simple recalculates, and starts giving you fresh instructions. No matter how many times I tried to throw it off the scent it just kept on recalculating the route, and did so at lightning speed. I'm told that some less advanced devices do start telling you that you've gone wrong, but that's the last thing you want, it's dangerous, as Confab says.

  Al94 22:48 06 Dec 2006

That's exactly what my Garmin i3 Streetpilot does, paid £99 for it in Halfords last February, granted only UK & Ireland maps, the Ireland maps are much better then TomTom. Invaluable piece of kit.

  anchor 10:05 07 Dec 2006

I have had their model 700 for about 18 months. As you have been told, the usual procedure is for it to do an immediate recalculation of route, with no audible message.

However, very, very occasionally if I deviate from the set route, it will for a short time say, "turn round when possible". When it becomes apparent I am not going to turn round, it then recalculates. I don`t know if the same applies to your model.

  terryf 03:46 08 Dec 2006

All is clear for me now, I did a longer journey yesterday and got a better insight into how the tom tom works, I inadvertently took a wrong turn and it helped (the nice lady told me to turn around as soon as possible, I wonder how she manages to fit into such a tiny box) and when I took a different route through the back roads near home it recalculated and displayed the new route. I am very pleased with it and decided that it was the nicest Xmas gift I have ever bought myself

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