Tom Tom Sat Nav

  iqs 16:15 07 Aug 2009


I'm after a Tom Tom Sat Nav.It must have safety camera warnings and updates,and also with traffic master.Will be mainly used in the UK
I have seen various modals available,but none include the traffic master.

Can you recommend a model please?.

Thank you

  wee eddie 16:21 07 Aug 2009

The money is made by selling you the extras.

Map updates, Camera Updates, Heavy Traffic Warning Service. It seems that £20pa to £25pa seems about par for the course.

  Si_L 17:54 07 Aug 2009

Does it have to be a Tom Tom? I'm sure there are other makes that will do the thing wee eddie mentioned for free, don't quote me on that though.

  Newuser2 21:22 07 Aug 2009

Tom Tom and PocketGPSworld both have a speed camera database it cost's about £20 for a year.
Not sure which one is the most accurate though

  anchor 09:05 08 Aug 2009

By Traffic Master, do you mean one that will report live traffic conditions?.

If so, there is a subscription service from Tom called, HD Traffic.

click here

As I recall, Traffic Master is a also paid for service, and not cheap. I am sure that no SatNav exists fitted with the original Traffic Master.

As Newuser2 said, a speed camera data base is available from both TomTom & PocketGPSworld. I use the TomTom version, but many say the PocketGPSworld is better.

  iqs 11:30 08 Aug 2009

Hi and thank you for the comments.

I would sooner buy a Tom Tom sat nav,just because I have used them so many times,and the find the software so easy to use.

Having access to the safety camera updates is more of a priority then traffic master or HD Traffic.

So its just a case of which model of Tom Tom.

Thank you all for your help.

  anchor 13:54 08 Aug 2009

Here is dedicated forum for TomTom satnavs

click here

Register, and then you put any questions you may have.

  LANDCRUISER 14:48 08 Aug 2009

go to uk,they have a selection of sat nav,they are doing a tom tom with all you want for £100 app if you decide against it you send it back for full refund

  anchor 16:06 08 Aug 2009

Do you want just UK and Ireland maps, or UK plus European mapping?. If you consider driving on the continent sometime, you will need the latter.

  Cara2 16:27 08 Aug 2009

Just bought the Go 540 Live model.

Am very pleased with it. It comes with 3 months trial of Live Services, which work very well. I won't subscribe personally as I don't need it, but have enjoyed using it.

I have this model with the Live Services, as it was on offer and only a couple of quid more then the other the cheaper range without live Services.

The TomTom website has an excellent feature to help you choose the model for you.

  Cara2 17:54 08 Aug 2009

Just realised I have the Go 740 Live.

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