Tiscali/TT access to bill

  muddypaws 14:13 05 Jan 2011

Is anyone else having trouble logging in to see their latest bill?
I know there is the long standing notice about moving accounts over, but it keeps telling me that I have entered the incorrect email/password for access.
My details haven't changed over the last 8 years.
They have sent me an email to view my bill which seems a trifle pointless!
Tried to access their forums with my forum info which are different and get the same response.

  jja244 15:43 05 Jan 2011

I've got exactly the same problem and I know my login details are correct. It doesn't seem to matter what you want to do you either get a login page or a page saying they are moving accounts.

  muddypaws 15:48 05 Jan 2011

Thanks for that--it's not just me then.
Problem I have is that I have just had TT landline installed at a new bungalow and still have this account as well,-so don't know which the email refers to, as they haven't sent me any new account details yet.
Will have to wait to see what goes out of my bank account.

  spuds 00:20 06 Jan 2011

I put this click here regarding Tiscali/TalTalk the other day.

I have had very similar problems, and a few more beside since the 'moving work' as been going on, and you may find that your password and details have been changed during the moving of accounts. If you contact Tiscali/TalkTalk about the problem, they will send you some links to follow.

'Do not' ask them to reset or resend your password, because if you do, you may well find that you have further problems, and possible disconnection from the service. Unbeknown I was disconnected for four days and thought that it was my equipment playing up, until I got a technician in who found this out, plus the fact that my router had been reset (remotely?) to factory settings. We then did further investigations, and I then contacted Tiscali/TalkTalk about the unsatisfactory service.

If you want to get into your account, you might need to do, what I did.

You will need your 'primary or main' account user details. The password what you have previously used may now need changing (because it no longer works) to a eight plus digit code, containing both alphabetic and numbers, then re-registering.

Another problem to look out for is the new email changes. Spam filters have been put into place, which should have reduced quite a lot of spam, especially the unsavoury kind. It may also filter out some of your other emails that you want to receive. A further point is deletion manually of email. You might find that certain events happen, like opening of unrequested email, when you try to delete. Apparently, there is a remedy around this, only delete 5 emails at a time?.

Hope I haven't confused the issues, about all the improvements TalkTalk are doing on your behalf?.

  spuds 01:29 06 Jan 2011

I have noticed that Tiscali/TalkTalk have just posted a message on their website about not being able to reset passwords for some subscribers till January 24th, due to further alterations to account moving?.

  sunnystaines 04:44 06 Jan 2011

my tt bill is ok online got the email yesterday and viewed the bill ok online

  muddypaws 08:51 06 Jan 2011

Thanks very much indeed to both of you.

  muddypaws 08:56 06 Jan 2011

Re your last--was that with your old log in details? I assume it was.

  spuds 10:56 06 Jan 2011

Have either of you received confusing letters in the post, regarding different procedures that TalkTalk are undertaking, in regards of a better 'combined of all subscribers' service?.

  muddypaws 11:22 06 Jan 2011


  sunnystaines 13:25 06 Jan 2011


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