shaggggyyyy 15:00 07 May 2004

Hi after ending my contract with tiscali on 30/01/2003 and paying my final invoice i have just recieved a letter saying i owe them £104.89.
I did call and enquired about it but the person i spoke to was very abrubt(to put it mildly)
I ended my contract because various amount were being taken from my credit card not the £12.99 which i expected. This they said was because of a billing cock up.
Any way does anyone have a (nice) contact for tiscali and where do you think i should go from here.......many thanks

  TBH1 16:23 07 May 2004

this ain't gonna help you but it maybe a warning to all about arranging standing-order type of payments via a credit card. The only way these can be cancelled is by the company you arranged to pay - - - in this case, tiscali. Consequently if you have a 'dis-agreement' they can continue taking payment whilst its resolved, your credit card company will do very little - -unless there is fraud involved and even then it will take a time.

As I said, this doesn't help ypu none.

  Wilham 16:43 07 May 2004

I have been with Tiscali for several years,-from when they took over from Screaming Net. At times they have been lax in taking their subs, and the bill that did come was sometimes still well behind schedule.

Check your a/c from starting date with Tiscali.
I found it a nuisance to check up on late invoice/payment, but I never found Tiscali overcharged.

In Feb this year my £27 pm BB 12 month contract expired. I reminded them their advertised new full BB rate was £24-99 pcm, and Tiscali granted the reduction. Doubt if that would have happened without my prod.

  Stuartli 16:57 07 May 2004

March 19th message from Tiscali (which sends out its bills for previous month, not present one, plus all the catching up it had to do last year when it didn't raid my direct debit account, or other subscribers, for some months!):

Improving the way we bill!

We are pleased to announce that we are changing the way your bill is presented to make it easier to understand.

We are moving to Calendar Month Billing which means that every month you will receive a bill for the previous calendar month (from 1st of previous month to last day of month).

In order to introduce this change there will be an alignment period on your March invoice. In March you will be billed from the end of your last invoice period up to and including the 29th February 2004.

In April, you will then receive your first Calendar Month Invoice and this will include charges on your account from 1st March to 31st March 2004.

Thank you for your support and we hope you continue to enjoy our Tiscali service.

Kind regards,

Tiscali Billing Team

PS. Coming soon! Look out for our improved, new look bill design!


Should you have any billing queries, please go to: click here to email your query or call
our Customer Billing Line: 0870 744 9966. This line is open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and from 9am to 2pm on Saturdays.

E-mail address for billing department:

[email protected]

Replies usually pretty quick.

  ened 17:18 07 May 2004

...standing-order type of payments via a credit card. The only way these can be cancelled is by the company you arranged to pay......

Surely you can just cancel the card?

  spuds 19:27 07 May 2004

I get a warning email via one account, telling me that they have produced the 'new type' monthly bill for my BB service.Three or four days later, bill available for checking and download via another account.Looks like they are showing great improvements.

  TBH1 21:58 07 May 2004

ened - if only things were that simple. I went up this avenue some years ago when my wife arranged payment for a company in America, some kind of software club. I'd read about some kind of 'scam' whereby it was impossible to return any unwanted goods and went into a panic and spoke to my credit card company and explained to them I did not wish for any payments to be made. They told me that if payment was requested then it would have to be honoured. I threatened to close credit card account but they said it would make no difference, they would still honour payment and come to me for the money. This was several years ago - - - but I read that this was still the case only recently, maybe only 3 or 4 weeks ago - - just can't remember where.

I would say that certain payments are safer via credit card, for the added protection you get - - -but on-going kind of payments are a definate no-no.

I will try and find some time this wekend to find some info about it.

  shaggggyyyy 14:27 08 May 2004

i did cancel the contract over a year ago,informed my cc people and all was ok. this is the first ive heard from tiscali for well over a year.........and they say i owe them money.

  Stuartli 17:31 08 May 2004

You should get back in touch with your credit card company, inform it of the circumstances and request that the matter is taken up on your behalf as you cancelled the contract, it appears, in the proper manner.

Tiscali can be a pain but I found that perserverence pays off in the end.

  That Bloke 01:37 09 May 2004

This is still the case. I was told a few months ago when I was closing a Credit Card account (nothing to do with a disputed payment).

It surprised me, and I now make sure I pay everything by Direct Debit. It means that I am in control of when I want to cancel payments to the company, not me.

If you think about recurring Credit Card payments, it is akin to making the company a signatory on your account. Definately not something I want!

  Stuartli 08:57 09 May 2004

I was once told by a representative of Marbles (credit card) when I complained bitterly that qxl had taken payment for what was supposed to be a free valuation on the Hugh Scully website link, that once I had agreed a firm could take payments there was nothing I could do until both parties terminated the agreement.

Notwithstanding my considerable anger and disbelief at such unwarranted dips into my account, I immediately closed the Marbles account once I had received a refund.

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