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  ened 14:28 10 Mar 2007


Last December a CEO of Tiscali offered me a free upgrade to 8meg (From 1meg) because of nearly a year of intolerable service.

The upgrade was started then, early January, abruptly stopped.

Trying to contact the guy I was informed he had left the company.

Since then I have had one excuse after another:

Your line won’t take 8meg (I told them I had it checked by BT)
They blamed BT so I told them BT had said the line would take it – they replied it was nothing to do with the line but BT Systems.

They are so confused that recently I had a mail from them stating they were checking my line and if it is okay they would send me a connection kit!!!

Anyway the long and short of it is that they have been stringing me along all year and finally told me I could have 2meg. That was two weeks ago. The final straw came this weekend when I was told: “We have instructed BT to make the necessary changes however the order has fallen into one of their exception queues”.

I have had enough but wish to write to the MD.

Does anyone by any chance know the name and address of this person or even their home address and telephone number. I have been asking for the former for three weeks but they have refused to give it to me.

  PalaeoBill 17:21 10 Mar 2007

click here

However bad you think they are, I am sure someone will have a worse story from some other ISP. Thousands of people will claim Tiscali are wonderful because they haven't had a problem. I wouldn't move from BT for anything now, for the same reason but I have friends who have had a nightmare with BT. It is only when something goes wrong that we dscover how bad customer dis-service can be and I truly think its a global problem now.

  ened 17:54 10 Mar 2007

"However bad you think they are, I am sure someone will have a worse story from some other ISP."

That is one of the reasons I don't want to change again.

Rightly or wrongly one of their people has promised me a free upgrade and I want them to honour that.

When you join Tiscali you call a centre in either Yorkshire or Scotland. It is only after you have climbed on board that you discover all future communications go through call centres where English speaking people appear to be in short supply.

Thanks for that link but I would still like to have the home address of one of those people if anybody has it.

I have written to the Head Office by snail mail on two occasions and they have not had the courtesy to reply.

I know many people who are happy with Tiscali but that is only because they don't know any better!!!

  spuds 19:09 10 Mar 2007

Mary Turner is the CEO of Tiscali UK, and as been for quite a long time.

If you want details about a company and its directors, then try Companies House. Writing to their home address will achieve very little. Try the Tiscali forum, and see if you get a better response that way.

  ened 11:48 11 Mar 2007

I tried the Forum but I just wasted another month whilst they continued trotting out the same old excuses and at the end of it they said they had been told my line was not suitable for an upgrade and there was nothing more they could do.

BTW: Looking at the Forums I have yet to see anybody who achieved anything other than the ability to let off steam.

I think their supposed help forums are just another tool they use to keep stringing the paying customers along.

I will write to Mary Turner at Kiln Farm but do not expect a reply!

  Jimmy14 20:02 11 Mar 2007

They are simply the worst broadband company out. I cannot play any online games, chat to my friends on yahoo messenger or download files at decent speeds between 4pm and 11pm 7 days a week. They are aware of this problem but simply don't care. Looking elsewhere. Their CEO Mary Turner didn't even care. She gave me £10 credit now its back to the same problems yet again. Disgrace.

I notice the speeds are up & down all the time between 3.4/5.6/6.6 disconnecting at random times I will not be renew my contract with tiscali as they are a nightmare to deal with at the best of times

  richardcockbain 22:46 16 Mar 2007

Awful firm, pleased I left them ... though Pipex now seem to be falling over themselves to join Tiscali at the bottom end of the "league table".

  greenlamp 23:50 16 Mar 2007

While Orange are around Tiscali at its worst has a determined rival.

  rdave13 23:55 16 Mar 2007

Try AOL. Know that many members dislike the ISP for different reasons but overall I've had good to very good service from dial-up to BB over three years. Even better now I have a router and no need for AOL's software. Though I must admit that whenever I need to do any financial deals over the net I always use the AOL's browser as I feel it's safer. Each to his/her own but I'd recommend AOL to anyone.

Head firmly under the parapet!!

  ened 17:23 23 Mar 2007

Just to revisit this one and for the benefit of anyone else who is having problems with Tiscali.

For months up to Christmas I was getting the run around from them: being told to contact ‘technical services, there must be something wrong with MY equipment because I was only achieving 0.1meg at times……… etc, etc!

Finally today I have had an admission from them that they are oversubscribed on my exchange.
You see everybody around me can get 8meg and their lines are stable. Even people in the same building as me can maintain high speeds with AOL, Orange and BT Internet.

This chap from ‘technical services’ admitted that I will not ever get faster than 0.9meg no matter which package I am on because ‘Tiscali have too many customers going through the exchange’!

So all that time and money was wasted, not to mention all the buck passing, when they could have admitted this at the beginning.

I think enough is enough and would like to hear some recommendations for a reliable isp that has a customer service dept. that actually cares.

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