Tiscali V BT

  918 21:25 10 Jun 2005

Q which is the best value for money [email protected]£16 per mth or [email protected]£18 per mth

  Jackcoms 21:33 10 Jun 2005

If they are both offering the same speed why ask the question?

I use Tiscali with no complaints.

  Mr Beeline 21:38 10 Jun 2005

On the assumption you are refering to Broadband.

Define "best Value".

I'd look at the speed and the usage allowance(based on your requirements) and then short list the ISPs you are interested in and then have a poke around in somewhere like the ISP review WEB site (IE. click here ).

You then pays your money and takes your chance.

I use PIPEX un-metered 1 MB at just under £24 / month and am more than happy with the service I get.

Good luck...

  selfbuild 22:03 10 Jun 2005

BT will make it easier if you wish to migrate to another ISP than Tiscalli....

I myself have a 2MB connection for £21.99 with PlusNet..... But then I do have two desktops, a laptop and a Ipaq all using the internet.....

It all depends on what you intend to do with your broadband connection.... ie just surfing and checking your emails or are you planning on alot of downloads (music etc...) aswell ??

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:06 10 Jun 2005

Tiscali uses BT lines as do most BB suppliers.


  spuds 22:56 10 Jun 2005

Tiscali have a special offer on at present, reduced from £15.99 down to £14.99.I use Tiscali 1mb service, and would recommend it.

NTL have been offering me their 1mb service this week for £9.99 a month, if I convert to their service for twelve months.So if you are looking for a bargain, it may pay to go there.

  Stuartli 00:48 11 Jun 2005

I've with Tiscali (from its WorldOnline origins) and now have the £15.99 1MB BB service - in actual fact I get up to 2.4MB on manx.net speed tests and a constant speed indication of 2.3MB...:-)

Everyone else I know on the same service with the company has a figure of around 950kbps on average...

  Gandalph 01:21 11 Jun 2005

Virgin are offering Broadband starting at £14.99 per month and a 3Mb Cap.

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:15 11 Jun 2005

You want to complain about that service from Tiscali. You are paying for a 1Mb service and that is not what you are getting, lol :-)

  selfbuild 12:50 11 Jun 2005

Yes Tiscali do use BT lines but if you wanted to move to another ISP they don't make it easy.... in fact they have release the line before you can move to another ISP whereas with other ISPs all you need is the MAC code.....

If anybody has tried moving from Tiscali to another ISP they will know what I mean.....

  Jackcoms 12:53 11 Jun 2005

"in actual fact I get up to 2.4MB on manx.net speed tests and a constant speed indication of 2.3MB"

No, you get up to 1mb which is what you are paying for.

The "constant speed indication" is, in fact, the maximum speed available from your modem and/or local exchange.

Try click here for an accurate speed test.

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