Tiscali User!!

  spuds 10:52 12 May 2009

I do not know if this applies to every Tiscali user, but today I have noticed that I seem to have had a change-over with domain title. Use to get Tiscali.co.uk now seem to have Talk Talk.co.uk/Tiscali.

Another thing that seems to have occurred is the speed. Over the past week or so, I have been experiencing very slow speeds (a past problem). Today the pages are changing virtually instantly.

But yesterday evening and early this morning, I did download a 317MB program that took 6 hours, and should have taken far less.

Being rather cynical, I wonder if this as anything to do with BT, and the promise of better returns from a new owner ;o)

Have you noticed any changes!!.

  john bunyan 11:06 12 May 2009

I am with pipex (tiscali). I did a speed test today with Speedtest.net - good at 6.08, much better than average(3.6 Mbps)Web page with my account still Pipex, and Tiscali.

  john bunyan 11:07 12 May 2009

Speedtest said my server was Tiscali

  sunnystaines 12:51 12 May 2009

my speed is now very slooooooooooooow, hoping its temp to switch over.

  Stuartli 14:37 12 May 2009

Pipex (once one of the finest ISPs in the UK) only has LLU equipment in just 100 exchanges:

click here

Probably Tiscali switched you to LLU if it has Enabled your exchange:

click here

  Stuartli 14:40 12 May 2009

Also see:

click here

TalkTalk subscribers, after CPW's AOL takeover around 2006, have a home page that piggy backs onto the AOL website:

click here

  Stuartli 14:41 12 May 2009

My average TalkTalk connection speed is 6.9Mb..:-)

  john bunyan 14:52 12 May 2009

Thanks. The original reason I chose Pipex in about 1989 was that it was my former multinational company's supplier then. I was abroad quite a lot and for the last few years have been too idle to change (e Mail etc) Spam good though. My distance from exchange makes it unlikely I will match your speed...:-( I had a note from Virgin offering a free fibre optic connection based on my post code - when I phoned and told them I live abouts 150 metres down a lane off the main road, their interest faded.Hope the take over improves things, but I won't sign up to anything other than a monthly rolling contract.

  aitch2 17:05 12 May 2009

Spuds, if it hasn't improved over the next 24hrs then try TT/members/forum and the online support is usually better than their telephone support.

  Stuartli 17:28 12 May 2009

Actually Pipex was founded in 1991, a couple of years later - I joined in 1996 (free journalist account rather than £15 a month subscription, although obviously I had to pay internet phone call charges).

I have a PAYG account to this day to maintain my Pipex e-mail address from that time.

  john bunyan 21:36 12 May 2009

Quite right - memory poor. I used to pay about £23 for a 1 Mbps service until about 2 years ago when I switched to the cheaper 8 Mbps, and an additional £7.5 or so before I cancelled dial up.I still kept the rolling one months notice ob broadband though.

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