tiscali stright to debt collection

  tinpony 00:58 17 May 2003

hello to day i got a letter from n.c.o bebt collection people in london asking for £89.90 for my internet connection, i have never been sent a bill for this from tiscali ,i gave tiscali all my bank details but some how they never took the money out of my bank, if i had been sent the bill i would have paid it in full as i was not trying to get out of paying, but i was never given the chance to pay now i have seven days to pay it in full,tiscali also said they are looking in to another bill for £160.00 god knows where they get this from , we tried to ring n.c o but what a job all lines full then try to leave them a message in there mail box but after pressing number six it said mail box full good bye, the account we had with tiscali was stopped last november we then went on to freeserve then aol, but did not like them so went back to tiscali for the free 3 months deal then 9 payments of £14.99 but i have told tiscali after the 9 payments we are done with them for good when we went back to them 3 months ago i did not know what they had in store for me but now i know, if i had known what they had in mind i would have stayed with freeserve as i just phoned up freeserve and asked to be taken off and they did no trouble at all from them, this must be how things are done to day no bills just stright to debt collection to give us a bad name that we should not have this is bad and all i have read on here makes me feel realy bad time to go jump off a bridge me thinks god help you all with them never again for me .

  Pilch.... 01:05 17 May 2003

Talk to tiscali. Ask for full breakdown of the bill. IE when you are charged and when they tried to take the money out. That way you can perhaps see how this has happened.

  tinpony 01:20 17 May 2003

apparently they never tried to take the money out,i thought they had taken the money out,but no,i have tried to talk with them all i get told is that they can do that without informing me that it is in the small print how unfair can they get at least give me a bill and give me a chance to pay it.this is what i find so unfair,i have the money for them.never been treated like this before by anyone,if this is how they treat people then i dont want any of it,i am beginning to wonder about a internet service altogether now because it has really put me off,i have tried to cancel this new account but get told they still want nine months money has i have taken out a years contractoh well never again.

  Djohn 02:01 17 May 2003

Did you by any chance pull out of your first contract with Tiscali, stopping any payments due at the same time? Although if you did,it seems unusual that they would give you a second contract.

I would take the advice from Pilch...., contact them and ask how they have arrived at this amount, and why they have not contacted you in any way before handing the account to a collection agency.

Explain you will pay any money that you genuinely owe, also request them to contact the agency and retrieve your account. They may be prepared to do this and deal with you direct. Good luck. J.

  The Spires 04:23 17 May 2003

How much do you feel you owe Tiscali?

  Goldcroft 07:33 17 May 2003

I am afraid your experience mirrors other threads and on line news stories re Tiscali. It also mirrors my experience. Apparently it is an Italian firm which has overextended itself in trying to take over other companies without the infrastructure to support such moves. There have been other threads on non billing and double billing etc etc. I was delighted to leave Tiscali and it has saved me a lot of agro. I have been through my system, right down to Registry, and deleted any file with that name on it.

All you can do, as Pilch recommends, is to try to ring the billing section, or I even got replies to an email to support. Best of luck. You may need it.

  Forum Editor 07:52 17 May 2003

that you can resolve this if you speak to Tiscali.

Obviously you are liable for the fees for the period you were using the service.

You say that you were never sent a bill, but of course the company doesn't have to bill you if it's collecting the money by direct debit. I'm surprised that you didn't notice they weren't taking the money from your account.

Normally a company doesn't put a debt in the hands of a debt collection agency without first contacting you to remind you of an outstanding amount, and it sounds to me as if there's been an error in the Tiscali system on this occasion. As you say, they had your bank account details, and you might want to contact your bank to ensure that there is no possibility that there was an error at their end. A direct debit is simply that - the debiting company can take the money when they want to, and the bank will not normally refuse the payment unless there are no funds in the account. That obviously doesn't apply in your case, so something else has gone wrong.

Speak to both Tiscali and the bank - there's no point in talking to the debt collection agency because they are only doing what they've been asked to do.

  watchful 09:03 17 May 2003

This almost mirrors my experience with them. They had all my details and didn't take any payments.

Also when I finally received a bill they had charged me for an account that I changed on the same day as I opened it. Fortunately I kept copies of their emails confirming that the original account had been changed.

In the end I calculated what I knew I owed them and paid by cheque. Haven't heard from them since.
Forum Editor. It is not that easy to make contact with Tiscali.

I found out their head office address and sent payment there. It was weeks before they acknowledged receipt of my cheque and of course, I've kept a copy of that!

  watchful 09:06 17 May 2003

I did know that no payments were leaving my account and tried to tell them this. I could not access the account section and they did not answer any of my emails on this subject.

It was a pleasure to delete all traces from my system.

  tinpony 09:07 17 May 2003

to the forem editer
dont you think i have already done that,not being rude but they never even tried to take the money from my bank,they was soppose to of been having problems.im not denying i may owe this amount and i will pay this bill on monday but i think they should of sent it to me first rather then sending it to a debt agency.even this new account that i have i gave them my visa number then get told on the phone by tiscalli that it was no good and they wanted a direct debit form filling in ,then why ask for visa details im lost on this one,if i did not persue the last account maybe the same would be happing again.i offered to pay the 9 months in advance but again i was told no they dont want that and i couldnt do it cause i had been in arrears with the old account due to their mistake well im not asking for credit it just dont make sense to me.all the people on here including my self just want to pay for what we have used no more and no less and have the chance to pay without it going to debt collectors.when i spoke to tiscalli the other day they told me they could only find the new account with this phone number they dont make sense to me i had to argue with him before he found it .in my opinion i dont think they know what they are doing and the sooner im out of it the better.

  watchful 09:12 17 May 2003

I'm really sorry that you've had to go through an even worse scenario than I did.

Go back to freeserve and good luck.

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