Tiscali - strange phone call

  Ancient Learner 17:12 29 Jan 2008

The thread about Virgin upgrades has prompted this one.

On Saturday I had a phone call from a very pleasant and polite Scottish gentleman enquiring if I had the upgrade of my BB. I said the I wasn't expecting it and anyway it was no different to what it always was at a Download speed of 163 KB per second, which he said was about 2Mb. This he said was far too slow, and that he would look into it for me. Apparently he believed that I had been upgraded to a full 8Mbps.

Has this happened to anyone else I wonder.

  STREETWORK 22:14 29 Jan 2008

8mb, we can dream. These are only quoted possible speeds and are very unlikely to exist...

  gooner_paolo 22:29 29 Jan 2008

I too recently got auto upgraded to 8mb broadband.

Certainly is a lot quicker than the old 2mb service, my connection speed usually shows as between 6.9mb and 7.2mb.

Haven't had a courtesy call tho!

  spuds 11:53 30 Jan 2008

Be careful about these 'very pleasant and polite' out of the blue telephone calls from Tiscali.

I had a similar call regarding upgrades and special offers "at no extra cost" or actions by/to me. Turned out to be a bitter experience on trying to take up the offer at a later stage, due to my "confusion and misunderstandings" on what was actually offered.At that precise time, Tiscali and my local exchange could not supply the offers!.

All sorted out eventually, but still waiting for the upgrade to the 8Mb service, which was confirmed by letter stating "we'll upgrade you to the new speed in January" (still waiting).

  Ancient Learner 14:35 30 Jan 2008

I did wonder if it might be like this.
There were no special offers, he just said he would look into it.
Makes you wonder why they, Tiscali, do it.

  spuds 16:07 30 Jan 2008

I did ask Mary Turner, CEO of Tiscali UK, the same question. Didn't get any response from her or anyone at a senior level. Just more confusing replies from their customer services, which didn't answer the questions that I raised!.

At that point, I was seriously thinking of transferring to another ISP, possibly Talk Talk. But in the end I decided to stay with the devil that I know,than the devil I don't, being a subscriber with Tiscali since their merger with Lineone.

  Ancient Learner 16:23 30 Jan 2008

Yes, I've also been with them since they were Lineone.
The experiences of friends with other providers makes me stay with Tiscali - horror stories of it taking 6/8 weeks to get on line then nothing but trouble afterwards - as you say, the devil you know.

  harps1h 16:41 30 Jan 2008

i found tiscali anything but good. they provided my "8mb" at a speed of 0.50mb (maximum) when i live round the corner from the exchange. moved to adsl24 and within seconds of changing the router settings speed shot up to 7.0mb and has stayed in around 6.0 to 6.5mb since. of course they said it was all my ends fault. would not touch them again

  ened 17:15 31 Jan 2008

I have been with Tiscali for two years and, because of the way one person in the organisation handled my account, have in the past year supported them on this Forum.

Now things have gone wrong again,that person has left and Tiscali have reverted to type.

I would suggest anybody considering joining them thinks extremely carefully about it and first reads their forums, starting with this one:
click here.

I know my problems can be sorted out but I am no longer prepared to put up with the hassle and am going to spend the w/e researching for another isp and then get a mac on Monday.

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