Tiscali sign up

  kenwalters 11:40 18 Feb 2009

I signed up to Tiscali about 10 days ago, I changed my mind about the tv. so I asked them to cancel that portion of the agreement, as I was within 7 days off signing up I can do that.
They sent me an e-mail confirming that i wanted to keep the tv.
I then contacted them telling them I wanted to cancel the tv, so they send me a letter confirming I'm cancelling my entire broadband package?? And they'll bill me for 1 months package with them. Time to call in Trading Standards I think.

I didn't know who, or what, they employ but English is clearly not an active qualification for them

  Covergirl 12:27 18 Feb 2009

. . . springs to mind.

It took me 4 or 5 months to get a minor refund from them by e-mail. No point phoning their premium rate "Customer (lack of) Support".

Reply with History explaining clearly what you want. Keep at them until you get a resolution.

  KremmenUK 12:55 18 Feb 2009

I was once with Pipex which was a joy to deal with - until Tiscali took over, implemented the 0870 numbers and stopped weekend support.

I switched to O2 and have never looked back.

If you search the saynoto0870 website Tiscali can be contacted via a normal number.

  MAJ 14:50 18 Feb 2009

For pity's sake stay away from Tiscali, they are woeful.

  Zaphod 3 16:15 18 Feb 2009

You have had a lucky escape, after my fun and games with them I would regard a months payment as the bargain of the century.

  oresome 16:37 18 Feb 2009

I've been with Tiscali for several years and the billing has always been flawless.

I've contacted the help desk a couple of times in the past and they've resolved the problem.

Unless and until you hit problems, I suppose you don't know how good any of them are.

  Covergirl 18:51 18 Feb 2009

. . . . I've had 10 months of flawless performance from their BB package and billing appears to be good, but contacting CS is a nightmare.

O2 have built up a reliable reputation if you can get it and if you are still able to get out of Tiscali

  ened 07:04 20 Feb 2009

I persevered with them for a while, mainly because Ihad so many problems that the senior complaints people got involved and, from then on, whenever I had a problem he sorted it immediately.

However he left and they refused to honour his promises so I left.

Regarding your situation I trust they haven't messed up your line in respect of taking on another isp.

I fear that they might be capable of stopping you having internet access for a while. I hope I'm wrong.

  KremmenUK 06:53 21 Feb 2009

When I switched from Pipex/Tiscali to O2 it was quite painless.

I got my MAC key within 3 days and O2 had me up and running in 10 days with just a 40 minutes outage on the day.

With Pipex I was getting circa 4000Mbps, with O2 on the same line I am getting circa 6000Mbps (LLU).

The clincher for me was the O2 UK based free 24x7 helpline.

Proper Job

  kenwalters 07:31 21 Feb 2009

After some more stupid e-mails from Tiscali I dumped them. Cancelled within 7 days, so if they try charging me for anything I can hand them over to Trading Standards.

  ened 08:11 21 Feb 2009

Tiscali used to tell me my line was not stable above 2 meg so I was restricted to that speed 'for my own good'.

On the day I switched to AOL my speed jumped to over 6 meg with no ill effects whatsoever.

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