Tiscali sending the Baliffs

  Mackilt 12:49 14 Oct 2005

Way back in September 04 I moved to a new address, previousley I had Tiscali BB and wished to continue it at my new location.
However the exchange was not enabled and so could not be provided. After numerous calls to Tiscali requesting updates on the provisioning date and getting stone walled everytime I decided to cancel my account.
Naturally I had been continuing to pay by direct debit for a service I was not getting.
Tiscali finally sent a cheque in January for the sum I had paid when I was not getting broadband.
September 05
A letter arrives from Tiscali claiming I owe them moneys for the intervening period!
I contacted them and was told my account would be zeroed and closed.
October 05
NOTICE OF SUSPENSION they still want money and want to send the Baliffs round if they don't get it.
Spoke to ANOTHER customer support desk who claims they are going to clear my account and close it.
My next post could be from prison or a police cell if its too crowded!!

  jack 14:53 14 Oct 2005

Nerts to 'em - typical busy accounts dept with lots of key clickers and no one listening or reading mails.
Do a resume' of all, print send it to the Managing Director by Recorded delivery with a cover note that any further costs or inconvenience from them will be pursued through the courts- That'll shut 'em up.

  Monoux 15:16 14 Oct 2005

As far as I know you do not have to let a bailiff enter your property and can simply close the door on them. I seem to recall this from the legal issues about bailiffs which came to the front in the "Poll Tax " protests in the early 1990s. The only exception to this is if they hold a " break open " warrant issued by a court which literally means they can break in. In order to get a break open warrant they would need to have distrained ( seized ) goods in the property ijn the first place and weer seeking to remove them for auction. But if you don't let them in they can't sieze goods in the first place

  spuds 16:32 14 Oct 2005

Do as jack suggests. Print out relevant copies of the records of events and send Tiscali the copies requesting that they deal with the matter in a professional manner. Give them a time-span that you want a reply [14/21 days].Normally an administration process is set up which usually states that the account will be given to a debt collecting agency,should monies be due. If the letter from Tiscali or anyone else actually states any form of intimidation [We are going to send the bailiff's round and kick your door down]then there are laws which cover intimidation, and can be very harsh towards the person or company making those threats.

This may help click here

Whatever you do,do not ignore any correspondence from Tiscali or their appointed agents, send a reply giving relevant responses to any letter or communication content.Do not use telephone contact in dealing with the matter, evidence in written form is required.

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