Tiscali says, GO!

  yoghurt 18:54 09 Feb 2005

Tiscali has expelled 500 Broadband users, according to: click here register.co.uk

  yoghurt 18:56 09 Feb 2005

That should read, click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:32 09 Feb 2005

Other ISP's have done the same. So, who is going to convince me that anyone downloading 150Gb of material a month has no illegal stuff in it?


  Dorsai 19:56 09 Feb 2005


i got a download minitor, 1 gig would last me about 2 months...Fair play I say to Tiscali.

  Totally-braindead 00:20 10 Feb 2005

No problem with this personally, doubt I go over the 1 gig a month but I do have a problem with this "Tiscali UK has changed its Ts&Cs warning all 350,000 broadband users that they now have a 30 Gig a month allowance. in light of the changes, it says it is "no longer appropriate to promote [advertise] these services as 'Unlimited', even though for most customers their experience will that of an unlimited service". I'm with Tiscali and I've never been warned, I'm not happy about them changing the terms and conditions without even informing me, the point that it doesn't affect me doesn't matter surely they can't just change things without informing the customers can they?

  JayDay 07:29 10 Feb 2005

Good on them hopefully it will improve the service for the rest of us. I consider myself a fairly heavy surfer/sender of emails and get through about 2GB a month. 150GB is taking the mick.

  ste_bla 13:34 10 Feb 2005

Well this is the proper link to the story click here

Actually JayDay it says '"hogs" have gorged on between 30 Gig and 150 Gig a month' so yes 150gb is a lot however it doesnt say how many of them were actually using 150gb...

Also it was advertised as an UNLIMITED service so therefore it is slightly unfair

I pretty much use 2-3gb a day between internet tv, emails, gaming, also with other people using the net in my house.. thats 90gb a month..

  ste_bla 13:35 10 Feb 2005

oh and i dont download ANYTHING illegal and niether do the other users

  JayDay 17:15 10 Feb 2005

I agree that if it is advertised as unlimited then that is what it should be. I am with an ISP that gives a cheaper rate to people who use less. I'm happy with this as people who use more pay more.

I think the days of one size fits all are coming to an end. Which IMO is a good thing.

Out of interest how do you know what all the other users are downloading?

  ste_bla 21:22 10 Feb 2005

Yeah i do actually as i control thier pc's over the network, doing such things as windows updates, anti virus etc

One stays up alnight gaming which uses 150~200mb at a rough guess

Another goes onto these website which downloads flash games and there a few meg each

BBC Radio 1 streams

list goes on...

  JayDay 21:30 10 Feb 2005

Sorry. I thought you meant the other Tiscali users. I realise now you are talking about the other users in your home :)

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