Tiscali and Royal Mail

  Covergirl 12:34 25 Feb 2008

Anyone else know how long it takes for a Tiscali "installation pack" to get to you by Royal Mail?

Reason I ask is because on 15th Feb 08, Tiscali informed me by "Update 2" e-mail that they had "despatched" my modem by "Royal Mail". It was quite clear on the e-mail as it said " . . .we have despatched . . ." - no ambiguous wording or anything.

It's now 25th Feb and I've still not got it.

Maybe they posted it from their call centre in India.

Anyone any ideas please ?

  Clapton is God 12:50 25 Feb 2008

I think it may now be appropriate to give Tiscali a call and ask the question of them.

10 days does seem rather excessive even for bog-standard snail mail

  Totally-braindead 13:01 25 Feb 2008

Royal Mail are now using a new high speed delivery system, very high tech.

Basically they tape parcels to the back of highly trained homing tortoises mounted on adapted roller skates and delivery them that way.

Unfortunatly the tortoise has fallen ill hence the delay.

Seriously though all you can do is as Clapton is God has suggested and give Tiscali a phone and ask.

  Clapton is God 13:22 25 Feb 2008

Or it could be that the tortoises referred to by Totally-braindead are hibernating as per this photo click here

  extracopy 15:22 25 Feb 2008

i have had 2 items from tiscali in the past. posted from their depot in coleshill warwickshire.from the phone call to india it took three days

  Covergirl 21:16 25 Feb 2008

I got a letter Friday 22nd (dated 21st)saying I "go live" on the 28th.

I've already filled in an online e-mail to their support department on 21st with words to the same effect. Funnily enough, I haven't had a response to that either.

There's a word I can't post supposed to follow that sentence.

I might even phone them on the freephone signup line just for the hell of it.

  Stuartli 23:19 25 Feb 2008

The problem appears to be that you don't know if it's Tiscali or Royal Mail that is at fault.

  Stuartli 23:20 25 Feb 2008

My "uneducated" guess is that it is the ISP...:-)

Royal Mail may come in for some stick at times but I've always found it pretty much on the ball.

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