Tiscali - poor service & holding me to ransom

  plsndrs3 14:44 24 Jun 2005

I read the posting from mezzanine with interest & a little concern as I had re cently signed to Tiscali.

I was attracted by the advert for 2MB broadband & applied for this 14/6. To date I have received no update & phoned them to find out what was happening. Customer Services confirmed that I called them 15/6 for the service and that on 17/6 they were notified that there was a capacity issue on the line by BT [not true as I checked my local exchange] then that the Port Capacity was exhausted a couple of days later. Despite these presumably terminal problems, an installation date of 1/7 was advised.

As I have received no notification whatsoever from them and was not impressed by the attitude of the person on the phone - couldn't care if I had not been notified; it was not up to Tiscali to keep me informed - I asked to cancel the service. I was told that Customer Services could not take cancellation requests & asked to phone another number to do this[!] At Cancellations, I was informed that I was allowed to cancel - as I was within the 14 day cooling off period - and I asked to speak to a manager as I wanted to know why Tiscali had never bothered to keep me informed, to explain that this was my reason for leaving in case they wanted to use this to improve their service, to ask why Customer Services could not help &, most importantly, when my line would be released for another ISP. The alledged Duty Manager there must have been having a bad day [or a serious chip on his shoulder] as he immediately said that he would answer my question in 1-14 days - even though I hadn't actually asked my questions at that time! He informed me that I was being facetious and that no one had to verbal abuse [remember, I had only mentioned that I had not asked my questions!!] and threatened to terminate the call. Nonetheless, he stayed on the line to tell me that, as I was cancelling my service, no reply was to be expected anyhow. I was about to ask if the line would be immediately released & he put the phone down.

I called back and got the same guy in cancellations, who informed me that in the 20 seconds it took me to call Tiscali back, the 'Duty Manager' had gone to lunch. I asked him when the line would be released and he said 10-15 days effectively stopping me switching ISPs for about 2 weeks!!!!

I know we are not allowed to say 'don't use this company', but with such poor service levels and refusing to release my phone line so that I can get another ISP on board, I think forumites should make their own decision. Remember, I have never had access to Tiscali [by their own words] and the service was cancelled within the statutory cooling down period, yet they have now blocked me from using anyone else until AFTER when they would have provided the service!!!!!

Forewarned is forearmed.



  Stuartli 14:55 24 Jun 2005

Have you tried ringing 0845-072-2224 and speaking to a member of the customer department?

I've always found them extremely helpful (as with e-mail enquiries) and they will almost certainly be able to help.

My BB connection with Tiscali to replace my DayTime Plus service took longer than expected to enable, but one quick phone call ensured that I had been provided with the service by the following day.

You can also use the number to downgrade/upgrade your Internet service with Tiscali and it often takes only an hour or two to come into effect.

  ace37 15:18 21 Oct 2005

I rung that number on numerous occasion to try and get my Lineone.net email account disconnected.
I have spent about 2/3 hours at variouse times and have never had a connection to an adviser,don't think they have any.
Does anyone know of a way to dish my lineone connection without running up a large phone bill using that number?.

  Stuartli 15:47 21 Oct 2005

There is a facility on the Tiscali website to keep abreast of a Broadband order and eventual activation.

Broadband cancellations are made on 0845 077 4488, but I've never had any problems using the number I gave earlier.

If you want to use a free phone service, key the paid for number into click here

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