Tiscali Package Deals??

  spuds 13:45 12 Jul 2007

A few months ago, I received information from Tiscali about their new combined package deals. In the main they offered a transfer from BT for the telephone services, and combining this with my Tiscali broadband connection.

Never heard any more until this week, when Tiscali have made direct telephone contact, trying to sell me their new deal.

My present broadband service is 'upto' 2mb, but BT have told me the line is capable of 'upto' 5.3mb under present conditions. Tiscali have re-checked and state that they could only suggest 'upto' 3.5mb provision.But in any case, they have stated that they are only capable of offering a 'upto' 2mb combined service.

Are you using the Tiscali combined deal package, if so, can you offer any relevant information as to what you get, how much it is costing, and whether the transfer is/was worthwhile. One thing that I do not understand at this time. Tiscali have stated that the take over and deal with the whole service including Option 1 from BT, yet they seem to suggest that I will still get a regular bill from BT!.

Confused- sure am, can you enlighten me?.

  Jackcoms 14:05 12 Jul 2007

Simplistically, Tiscali's combined package means that the cost of your line rental (which you currently pay to BT) will be included in the price of the Tiscali package.

These packages are being rolled out across the country by Tiscali and are due to arrive in my area next month.

This is what it will mean to me:

I currently pay Tiscali £17.99 per month for up to 8mb plus free phone calls 24/7. I also pay £11.00 per month to BT for their basic (Option 1) line rental.

If/when I decide to change to the Tiscali combined package, I will pay them £19.99 per month (an increase of £2.00) but that will include the line rental. I will pay nothing to BT. Effectively I will be £9 per month better off.

However, there is a one-off £30 'connection' charge and I will have to start a new 12 month contract with Tiscali.

Still a damn good deal to my mind.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:13 12 Jul 2007

I have their Max package..up to 8Mb BB and they have taken over the phone for £10.99/month which is a quid cheaper than BT.
The package costs £29.99 (inc. free 24/7 phone calls to UK landlines but this will soon go down to £19.99 (total inc. line rental) when my exchange is modified (as it is the same exchange that Princess Anne uses I am confident this will occur quickly as did our change to BB ;-)) ). I was on the £14.99 2 MB package. The speed upgrade happened within 48hrs and the change of phone took 5 working days. The line was a bit 'odd' for 2 days (they warned me of this while the new settings took hold). If you afe going to be gassing on the phone for more than an hour they recommend that you put the phone down at 59 mins and reconnect to keep the call free but why anyone would want to rabbit on for more than an hours is beyond me.

All in all, a very smooth changeover and BT can shove their lines where a squirrel shoves it's nuts.


  spuds 17:42 12 Jul 2007

Thanks guys for the info.

My exchange as Tiscali equipment in already, that is why I queried BT suggesting that I 'should get upto' 5.3mb on an 8mb advertised service. Tiscali seem to suggest that they can only offer a 2mb service, and if that was exceeded, then it would only be at a maximum 3.5mb.

Since Tiscali installed their own equipment in the exchange (2 miles from my home as the crow flies), my neighbours who are also on Tiscali and myself have noticed a rather nasty slow down at certain times. Never had this when BT was in total control at the exchange.

Regarding the offer. No new contract. No £30 connection charge. They would deal with BT regarding complete changeover, including retaining existing phone number an BT options. A 'trial period' in which I can walk freely away from Tiscali,or convert back, if things do not turn out right.

Only problem, they would not email me the details of the offer, hence question on the forum, or offer an increase above or 'upto' 2mb.Plus I could not understand why the salesperson stated that I would still have a regular (non-service) bill from BT?.

  Stuartli 23:47 12 Jul 2007

The Tiscali package deal at £19.99 still doesn't come anywhere near TalkTalk's £20.50 International3 package and, what's more, is only available to 52 per cent of the population.

  Jackcoms 08:33 13 Jul 2007

That may be so.

But if you don't know anybody overseas who you need to call, you don't need an international package!

  Stuartli 10:20 13 Jul 2007

Several relatives and friends are very keen to take advantage of my free international calls...:-)

We also have friends who have holiday homes in Spain and we can phone them as often as we like - for £1 a month it's a real bargain.

  harps1h 11:20 13 Jul 2007

I would add an air of caution to this thread. tiscali told me the same thing on my connection where i was assured I would get around 7mb connection. it never reached that speed and in fact until i migrated to another service last week my speeds where varying from the heights of 0.5mb to the depths of 0.10mb.
Yo put this into perspective i should point out that i live 90 seconds away from my exchange and should have been getting much higher. this point is driven home by the fact that my new provider took over last thursday and my connection instantly jumped to 8.02mb within seconds of me changing the router settings. it has largely stayed the same since that dipping to an all time low of 5.5mb. below is a link to an earlier thread I had on the issue.

click here and click here


  spuds 12:30 13 Jul 2007

Think this deserves an email or letter to Tiscali requesting full written facts, so that I can investigate further. It sounds like a good scheme, but I do not want to be in a position of 'Whoops I thought so', at a later stage.

  Jackcoms 13:35 13 Jul 2007

"Think this deserves an email or letter to Tiscali requesting full written facts, so that I can investigate further"

Don't waste your time. Look here instead click here

  spuds 14:47 13 Jul 2007

Thanks for the link, should have thought of that in the first place. Just downloaded some details, and it appears a good deal, especially if I can achieve higher speeds. I will still have to contact the Tiscali sales line, because the direct phone call from Tiscali sales made 'better' offers,like no £30 connection fee and free or 2pence calls.No new 12/18 contract and free to walk away, "because of my old customer" status.

At present I am paying £14.99 per month to Tiscali for 2mb bb only.About £11.00 per month to BT for line rental. Total £25.99.So in theory I should save £11.00 per month on 2mb (some savings)

Looking at the 8mb Maximum service at £19.99 (which Tiscali didn't and wouldn't offer me) would if available, save £5.00 a month.

Thanks again everyone. Will now tick as resolved. Please add further, if you wish.

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