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  Bellboy 20:02 10 Sep 2004

Is anyone else having trouble with news.tiscali.co.uk on DUN? It has mostly ground to a halt, timed out or failed in the last couple of weeks and Tiscali Help is driving me mad.
I have had experience before of Tiscali having technical problems, the Help guys not admitting it, and sending you "round the houses" instead of actually trying to help.

  speedy12 20:12 10 Sep 2004

it seems intermitant at the best of times

  spuds 20:42 10 Sep 2004

Possibly due to Tiscali adding more services. Beginning to swamp themselves out, so to say :o).

  Bellboy 20:55 10 Sep 2004

I have a theory that, as more people took up broadband, the DUN service improved.
Now the level of DUN subscribers is lower, they are closing down servers and the my connection speed is more often lower.

What todo? Move to another ISP.


  Bellboy 20:55 10 Sep 2004

I have a theory that, as more people took up broadband, the DUN service improved.
Now the level of DUN subscribers is lower, they are closing down servers and the connection speed is more often lower.

What to do? Move to another ISP.


  It's Me 22:21 10 Sep 2004

Bt reckon that they have improved BB cover now. I paid another £1 per month to Tiscali and got their lowest grade of BB and I have to say that it is quite fast enough for me as a home user, and a heck of a lot faster than dial up.

  Totally-braindead 22:39 10 Sep 2004

A lot of my friends who are still on dial up are reporting a lot of problems, they are with Freeserve(Wanadoo), BT, and AOL. It appears to me at least that as soon as an Internet Provider starts pushing BB the service suffers for all those left on Dialup. This is of course just my opinion but they are all saying the same thing, poorer connection speeds, differculty in getting connected and various email problems.

  Stuartli 13:44 12 Sep 2004

I've been with WorldOnline (now Tiscali) for more than five years.

My dialup speed is always 49.2kbps and 50.7 or 52kbps with Pipex. Tiscali was always slightly slower than Pipex but, when I moved to Windows 98SE and installed more recent drivers than on my Diamond SuperExpress 56i V Pro modem's CD-ROM, speed went from 48kbps to 49.2kbps.

The driver was updated again a year ago with an upgrade to XP Pro and the speed remained the same.

I've never had any problems with Tiscali's actual service - it's the rare occasions I contact the company for advice by e-mail that's the problem. A reply may be two or three days later or, on the other hand, the same day.

  Bellboy 17:27 12 Sep 2004

Hi Stuartli
I also was with WorldOnline and was getting pretty slow connections. More recently, wiyh Tiscali, coinciding with a price hike, I was getting 52,000bps currently 50,666.
I have had my probs with them changing dial up numbers etc., but not recently.
The current MAIN problem is that my newsgroup messages have ground to a halt.
After many requests to Tiscali Help where they were polite, but unhelpfull, I got this reply;

Regarding your query, this normally happens when there is heavy congestion in the network or a huge e-mail is blocking the server & consequently there is no data transfer.

It can also happen if you have an anti-virus software installed that has a built-in e-mail protection, which can block the port. Such activity has been observed when Norton Anti-virus is installed and 'E-mail protection' has been enabled. To resolve this, disable 'e-mail protection' in the Norton software.

Given the current frequency of viruses - not a good idea.
BTW I turned off Norton anti virus and it made no diference.

How is your news server performing?


  Stuartli 11:27 13 Sep 2004

I don't use the news server - only e-mail - so can't help in that respect.

Your connections are good - as I said I've a Diamond modem but, frustratingly, a friend who has a cheapo modem (under a tenner) who lives about half-a-mile further away from the exchange gets 52kbps with Tiscali...:-(

Just one thought - in OE's Tools>Options>Security tab, have you disabled Do not allow attachments to be opened...etc?

  Stuartli 11:43 13 Sep 2004

This error messages guide may help you:

click here

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