Tiscali mail

  ened 10:18 24 Mar 2009

Is anybody finding their mail is not being forwarded through the Tiscali server?

  spuds 11:20 24 Mar 2009

I seem to be receiving my email okay through Tiscali.

But this morning I did have a connection delay,but I considered that it was more my side than Tiscali. All seems fine now!.

  ened 12:56 24 Mar 2009

That's strange - I am with AOL but this morning I went onto their server to check my aged parent's mail.

I tried to forward one of the messages to myself and they claimed it had been sent but I never received it. I went back and sent it to my wife and my Hotmail address but it has bee received by none.

  anchor 13:40 24 Mar 2009

I have a lineone address, (which has been owned by Tiscali since 2001), and have no problems.

Messages are coming through almost instantly.

  ened 13:51 24 Mar 2009

But are your mails reaching their destination?

  sunnystaines 17:06 24 Mar 2009

I am with bulldoghome now part of pipex/tiscali and the email service has been poor over last few months, in fact so bad now mostly using gmail.

  Clapton is God 10:33 25 Mar 2009

"the email service has been poor over last few months"

Define a poor e-mail service.

In my case, it's simple. I open my e-mail client. Click on Send/Receive. E-mails arrive.

I send a new e-mail. It arrives at the intended destination. The recipient/s reply to me.

What's "poor" about that??

  sunnystaines 10:40 25 Mar 2009

my "poor" is when you get no email which disappears into the ethos for a couple of days then returns to normal but you do not get the missing emails when its works again. During the poor spells all you get is no messages no error box or indication that all's no well, even on the pipex server.

  ened 10:59 25 Mar 2009

That would appear to be what is happening here.

This morning I sent a message to myself and it appeared straight away. So it is working but the mails sent yesterday have vanished.

You are absolutely correct in saying this is a poor service because you can't rely on it.

It isn't my own isp and he is changing soon but I do wonder how many mails he has sent, over the years, that have not reached their destination.

  spuds 12:13 25 Mar 2009

I do know that last year or possible the year before, Tiscali had a problem with forwarding emails, and they promised that 'after essential maintenance' no emails would be lost.

On that occasion, everything seemed fine at my end, and I never did hear of anyone experiencing any major problems.

One thing that I have noticed, is the increase around Christmas time of spam, then the recent reduction of spam in my mailbox. Perhaps Tiscali have done some adjustments, which are treating some emails as potential spamming, hence some emails are not being sent on. Only a guess though?.

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