Is Tiscali losing the plot!!

  spuds 12:46 10 Aug 2007

I thought that I would never make that statement, having been a 'very satisfied' customer of Lineone then Tiscali on merger for many years. A short time ago, Tiscali were trying to sell-off companies, now they are trying to buy companies, as this caused Tiscali to lose focus on their present customer base.If so, then Tiscali senior management, want to get a grip of things before present customers start leaving.

Recently I had a telephone call from Tiscali sales offering to convert my present package to something far better, if I transfered from BT to Tiscali for all my required services. Their offer- Free Line Rental, Faster Internet Speeds and Free Weekend calls.Seems a very good package with good savings.Telling the sales adviser that I required time to consider over the next few days, this was agreed. Since then trying to get the service as been a near impossibility and nightmare, with various excuses from Tiscali sales team. My neighbours who use Tiscali also want to convert to this new Tiscali offer, but like me, that have had no sense from Tiscali.And basically we are all getting rather fed-up with the situation. No wonder Virgin seem to be very evident in the area on a daily basis, converting people to their systems.

Excuses from Tiscali: We have to install our equipment into your local exchange to supply this offer (But its there already, and as been for a number of months). The new offer comes into being by the end of July including free line rental ( 10th August and still no confirmation or changeover. Sales doesn't have the answer, when this service will be available. Yet they telephoned me originally and made me the offer for immediate action!).

Trying to obtain information via email results in no response. And to send a simple email request requires additional security checks, and for what purpose.Even trying to upgrade on-line, seems doomed to failure, because the service and free line rental is now seemingly not available.

Do companies like this really need the support of the public, and as management become lackadaisical!.

NB. If any senior manager from Tiscali is reading this, please get in contact. My neighbours and myself really need your support and help.

  Stuartli 13:44 10 Aug 2007

Now you know why I switched to TalkTalk a year last April...:-)

  grumpygramp 14:09 10 Aug 2007

"Is Tiscrapi losing the plot "
Did they ever have it?
I had tiscali when they bought out Tiny`s ISP they were crap then.

  Stuartli 15:20 10 Aug 2007

They ruined my perfectly good cheap phone calls, AnyTime dialup internet and line rental package costing just £14.99 a month when they took over WorldOnline.

  dawntreader 19:37 19 Aug 2007

hi,be wary about changing your line rental to any , with any provider,if somthing goes wrong with your land line,then you just cant contact bt,you have to go through your provider!wait and see how frustrating that is!,as they have to tell bt,then they contact you,which can take a long time!best to take the package wich suits you ,with out the line rental,its cheap now from bt anyway!

  Stuartli 23:54 19 Aug 2007

>>its cheap now from bt anyway!>>

You must be joking...:-)


click here

It's still using a BT line but line rental is included.

Compared to BT, this package is saving me a fortune annually.

  harps1h 08:22 20 Aug 2007

i wouldn't be too keen to jump into bed with tiscali without researching them carefully. just because they offer a cheap service, doesn't mean it is any good. try contacting their CS in India to see what i mean. they say moving house is the most stressful time in your life,.......... try contacting tiscali CS

  Stuartli 11:31 20 Aug 2007

spuds is already with Tiscali and has been for some time...:-)

  oresome 13:10 20 Aug 2007

I've contacted Tiscali CS a couple of times and they've resolved my problems efficiently

  spuds 17:05 20 Aug 2007

Beginning to lose my tether with Tiscali 'supposed' customer services. Still no replies or acknowledgement to 4 emails (website promises to reply to emails promptly!).

Contacting their sales team by telephone, seems to give an answer, that they are more confused than me, as to what is on offer, and whether Tiscali equipment is in the local exchange. All that I am asking for, is that they honour or consider the offer that they told me about originally. Trying to upgrade on-line tells me free line rental, yet when you proceed with the upgrade procedure, suddenly a £10.99 addition appears on the monthly charges calculation for 'free' line rental.

If this is the way forward with Tiscali, then the boat is sinking, and senior management appears to be oblivious of the fact.

  Stuartli 18:16 20 Aug 2007

Tiscali LLU enabled exchanges:

click here

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