Tiscali - I dont think I like them now!

  [email protected] 16:19 05 Jan 2004

I have had a Tiscali T50 ISP account for about 3 or 4 years, which gives me 50 hours of access for a fixed cost.

During September I received a letter telling me that the cost of this package was increasing to £9.99 on the 16th Oct 2003, (fair enough I thought).

2 Days ago I got my BT phone bill and there was a £74 charge for calls to what I recognised to be the dial up number for my Tiscali account – the first day I began paying for these calls was 16th Oct, the day of the price hike.

I immediately checked my bank account and the direct debit for the T50 package are coming out as normal.

Today I called the billing department at Tiscali and was informed that the only account I have is a “pay as you go account” and there was no record of the T50 account that I have had for approaching 4 years.

They acknowledged that they have received the payments for the T50 account but deny that I have such an account.

All of the above could be and is probably a simple mistake (on their part I hasten to add), but this is the part that is really bugging me:

Tiscali say that even if it is their fault that my T50 account has disappeared -they will not reinstate it. They suggest signing up to one of their other packages that are not as good value for my needs and will result in me paying more.

I (remarkably calmly) said I did not want another package & that I just wanted them to honour our current agreement/contract but was told - tough, no way Hose!

I have now signed up with another provider but am pretty hacked off that a company treat a long-term customer in such a way.

Have I missed something and am being unreasonable or have other T50 account holders had a similar problem – I did read that Tiscali wanted to shift people off these accounts (hence the price hike), or perhaps I have been reading too many conspiracy theories.

Thanks for any opinions or advice.

  g0slp 16:26 05 Jan 2004

are people I'd be inclined to speak to on a fairly urgent basis.

Good luck; keep us posted

NOt the most co-operative of companies.

Keep on at them and if they wont re-instate the account go somewhere else even though it may be inconvientient.

  hatchey 16:50 05 Jan 2004

ibought a pc from toys/r/us.in oct.for xmas.
it was for the family so it was setup when we got in home.there has been a lot of faults with it.eg tv card did not work/dvd software did not work.dvd/cd writer did not work.
i t.r.us rang and was told to ring MEDION.the manu.they said there was a fault with the dvd/cd writer and
they would replace it but they still havent.they said download patches for the software. witch dident work at first but then did .the patches were posted on there web site in augest to make the tv card work .so i would like to have been told when i bought the pc,that i needed a patch to make it work.i took the pc back to t.r.us,and was told it was out of there hands and i would have to talk to medion.which is very hard to do at times.so as it stands the dvd,w.still dosent work

  hatchey 16:51 05 Jan 2004

sorry wrong place

  Flaco 17:05 05 Jan 2004

Sorry to hear they're mucking you about. From my own experience they're less than switched on. About mid-2002 I got an .5Mb adsl package off them. Wasn't too impressed with the [customer] service at the time. Also, they would only take monthly payments from a credit card as opposed to a current account. Not too happy about that. I asked them repeatedly for a current a/c DD mandate and, although promised, never received it. About 9 months passed and I was never billed at all for the service! They eventually contacted me and wrote off 6 months as a gesture of good will (yeah, right). They then proceeded to initiate a new account, even though I told them that would confuse matters further.

Last June I moved to a new address and cancelled the account. They confirmed no further payments would be debited. However, they did keep charging. Lengthy calls and emails to Cust Svcs produced no responses or help. They insisted I still had an account with them. I had to write in twice to detail it on paper. Again, no response (grrrr). Eventually got on to my credit card co and they reclaimed some payments for me and put a stop on any future ones.

In a nutshell, their billing system is a shambles, at least where earlier accounts are concerned. Do yourself a favour and go elsewhere is my advice.

  Stuartli 17:41 05 Jan 2004

Funnily enough I've just sent an e-mail to the billing department because it hasn't replied so far to a recent message.

Originally a staff member had sent a message but, as usual, whoever it was hadn't actually read my message properly. So much for education, education, education...

On a previous occasion (See the thread: Will Tiscali ever get anything right...) I had to use some pretty strong language which did get some results...most people don't like you to point out how stupid, ignorant etc they are.

I was also with Tiscali 50 and didn't see why I should pay more for it. So I switched to DayTime Plus (or so I thought). I was put on DayTime only.

Tiscali would only let me change to DTplus after a month but still overcharged me for DayTime.

Eventually I got a credit for this - still to actually get it - but have also been charged for so-called additional use of DTPlus, even though I have a separate PAYG account with another ISP.

This is what the current argument is about.

On the bright side, I can now go on Tiscali virtually all day every day (8am to 6pm) and have many more hours available than when I was on Tiscali 50....

  kev.Ifty 18:54 05 Jan 2004

I am with Freeserve.click here
try these, i've had no probs "so far". I know this won't help you with Tiscali, but maybe your posting will be a warning to others.

  spuds 19:47 05 Jan 2004

Their accounting/billing system must be in chaos. I recently changed my Lineone/Surftime account to Tiscali BB.Having had the Lineone account for about 3-4 years, Tiscali told me that I have never had a Lineone account, they could not find it in their records.Funny that,they keep emailing me every month with my loyalty gift code,and BT have been charging me and the settling with Tiscali/Lineone all that time.

Changing to Tiscali BB, I then opened a PAYG account, on suggestion by Tiscali. Trouble is, when I try to get into that account, it tells me that no account exists.Are well, it can only get worse, I suppose.

  carver 22:39 05 Jan 2004

If I have read your account of what has happened right, then according to Tiscali you have never had an account with them. If you have this in an e-mail from them, E-mail then back and inform them that you would like all the money back that you have paid to them for a non existent account. If nothing else it should make someone take notice and sort things out for you.

  [email protected] 07:08 06 Jan 2004

Unfortunately if I did that carver, all I would get back is about £30 and would be left with the £70+ pay as you go bill.

My plan is to get the larger amount back off them and push as hard as I can to get them to reinstate my old account.

To be honest even if they do offer me the account back I will be in two minds whether to just stay with the new ISP I have had to sign up to to get Internet access in the meantime.

I know its only a matter of a few quid a month but its the principle. Most organisations if they make a mistake (and no one is perfect) would at least make some steps to sort it out but I am effectively being told that it is my problem, not theirs.

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