Tiscali Extra Services and BT Exchange Usage.

  spuds 13:51 14 Nov 2006

Posted this in ConsumerWatch, and not Helproom, due to general consumer information request.

Tiscali are offering a number of present customer's in my area, a service that they intend providing in early 2007, when Tiscali have more control of the local BT exchange.Basically the package consists of Unlimited Broadband (up to 8mb), free local and national calls, free telephone line rental, all for £19.99 per month.

At present, I am using the Tiscali 2Mb Broadband service at £14.99 per month, with BT providing the line and telephone calls at extra cost, which far exceeds £5.00 per month. Looking at Tiscali's offer, there appears to be a very good annual saving, which would make it worthwhile to change to Tiscali as the total provider.

I would mention at this point, BT have always provided very good service, and Tiscali have as well.

If you are a Tiscali consumer on this arrangement already, are there or was there any problems, worth noting.

  Stuartli 14:53 14 Nov 2006

If the arrangement/package is the same as TalkTalk then you will retain your BT phone line - Tiscali will pay your line rental on your behalf but at a slightly lower cost.

The broadband will be delivered through Tiscali's LLU equipment in BT exchanges.

In fact my TalkTalk package includes free international calls to 28 different countries as well, including the US, Europe and Australia...:-)

  oresome 18:31 14 Nov 2006

Tiscali have given me advanced notice that they will be offering this service in the new year.

At present, I pay £17.99 for 2Mb and a call package that gives free weekend calls. BT line rental is on top of this.

The complete package at £19.99 is a no brainer.

  spuds 19:14 14 Nov 2006

One question that comes to mind, is the free calls. What would the prices be, for say 0845, 0870 or similar special service numbers?.

Most of our calls, are usually to one or another of the mentioned numbers.

  Jackcoms 19:26 14 Nov 2006

Tiscali charge SLIGHTLY less than BT for calls to these numbers.

  Stuartli 19:58 14 Nov 2006

It would still work out much cheaper taking line rental etc into account and there's still click here..:-)


Tiscali's website offers 2MB + free weekend calls for £14.99 a month and 2MB + AnyTime calls for £19.99 at present.

Have you checked whether you can "downgrade" to the £14.99 package?

  bluto1 20:09 14 Nov 2006

Stuartli`s info is correct. I`m on the £19.99 bundle and my average bill is £23.00 per month and includes the 0870 etc numbers. I hope I hear about adding the line rental to yhat, If so I may stay with Tiscali in January.

  oresome 20:36 14 Nov 2006


Thanks. I realised that the package is now cheaper and my minimum contract period has passed.

However, if I sign up for the £14.99 package, will it commit me for another year?

Should I wait for the offering in the new year?

Rhetorical questions.

  harps1h 20:52 14 Nov 2006

hi there

if you are under no pressure to change yet, then possibly the prudent thing to do is to hang fire.
to balance that, look at what has happened to the CPW.
at the moment i have the tiscali max along with all inclusive calls for £21.99 a month with no recorded problems so far.

  spuds 10:39 15 Nov 2006

The offer looks very tempting, and according to the Tiscali offer letter, my neighbours and myself should make savings of 'over £220 per year' on a BT equivalent package. In my case, being a low user, I would make a saving of slightly over £100 per annum, something not to be sniffed at.

Tiscali have stated,that they will send further updates when available, before the final launch date. So we will have to see how that 'later information' fairs, before making a final decision. One thing that we have considered, will there be a price increase at an early stage, if Tiscali realise that they have tied people into a new 12 or 18 contract.

Strange really, because I predicted that other ISP's would soon be jumping on the bandwagon, after the Talk Talk venture had simmered down a little. Doe's go to show, that these wafer thin profit margins, can be made even thinner, if the relevant companies put their mind to it.

Still baffles me though, how BT can provide the line and exchange, sell this on to a third party at a cheaper rate, and deny their present customers this type of incentive. Funny old world is commercial enterprise.

Will tick as resolved, and will return with updated information when made available.Thanks again everyone, for the input. Please add further,as this could make interesting reading, especially on the savings and service aspect.

  Stuartli 11:59 15 Nov 2006

I changed my Tiscali package several times over the course of the original 12 month contract (why pay more than you need or get a slower speed for a particular price) and it made no difference when I left...:-)


>>"Still baffles me though, how BT can provide the line and exchange, sell this on to a third party at a cheaper rate, and deny their present customers this type of incentive. Funny old world is commercial enterprise.">>

Toucan is a VISP (Virtual ISP) and uses Tiscali as its supplier - even so it charges less than Tiscali for the same services (or at least used to do/may well still do)..:-)

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