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  harps1h 07:59 10 Mar 2007

i know, having watched this forum for a number of years, tiscali cs has been well documented. however here is my tale.
two weeks ago tiscali apparently suffered a powerout or similar whilst i was at work. when i came home i could not connect through my modem/router, so i tried the supplied modem and it still didn't work. having done all the usual filter changing etc. it was obvious i was getting no adsl signal into the house. even i knew then it was an exchange problem. so i phone tiscalis' bombay section and get "william". he proceeds to take me through his pre-scripted routine even though i explained that all this had been done. at the end of all this it was decided that it needed to be escalated up and someone would call me back in the next 24 hours. this didn't happen.
made another call to bombay and this time got "barry". who talked me through most of the procedure again, coming to the conclusion that the problem needed to be escalated up. (i had already told him i was expecting a return call on this matter). another call back was promised this time in a 4/5 hour timescale. so i duly sat in on a sunday afternoon whilst everyone went out and had fun.
wait for it.............

yes you guessed it! no return call. so i was out at a friends house and got a hold of his computer and began what became a series of 4 e-mails about the matter. still no call back.
phoned again the following morning and got "sarah" (quite possibly Barrys' sister) who was perplexed as to why i hadn't received a call back, so another promised call back was suggested.
24 hours later......... still no call back! by this stage if i had internet i was for booking the next flight out to bombay to talk to the engineer who deals with escalated enquiries. so another phone call to tiscali at midnight on the wednesday produced another promised call back within 24 hours. by this stage i resigned my self to the fact that these phone backs were a myth engineered by tiscali to keep the masses quiet. i explained to the operator that i had sent a mail and i was confirming this in person, that if i didn't have a reasonable explanation within the next 24 hours i would consider tiscali in breach of contract and seek the MAC without fear of penalty (i am still within the year).
next day it arrived!! the fabled callback materialised! and it came with the promise of a BT engineer at a date convenient to me. so the appointment was made for wednesday past and he arrived and had me up and running in 30 mins. as suspected it was an exchange problem where it appeared to have locked me out, similar to somebody throwing a switch.
my next mail was to the billing department claiming a refund for the 12 days i lost service and for the calls to the 0870 number. they have agreed to refund the time but not the calls.
throughout this i have to say the operators were nothing less than courteous, but it was a frustrating experience and one i wouldn't want to repeat.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:47 10 Mar 2007

As BT own the line, wouldn't you have been better calling them in the first place?


  hastelloy 10:52 10 Mar 2007

BT will only take reports of faults from the ISP - been there, done that!!!

  harps1h 22:04 10 Mar 2007

bt broadband techs don't take calls from the public, only the isp. the trick is getting them to call bt. don't you think i had already thought of that!!

  mickywizz 11:48 20 Apr 2007

The account by harps1h sounds of so familiar to me.

The most important thing I will say about Tiscali Broadband is DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. We have all recieved poor customer service from time to time but Tiscali customer service is by a long shot the most consistently appauling customer service I have ever experienced anywhere.

Tiscali attract people with nice headlines and cheap prices (at the expense of UK well trained customer service personnel). This keeps their new subscriber numbers high. An insider at Tiscali told me an awful lot of people are cancelling Tiscali daily...why you might ask?

As soon as you face a problem, which in my case was moving house you will encounter 'The lack of customer care department'. Like harps1h I got through to India (I don't mind who I speak to as long as they sort out my problem!!). The first problem is that I cannot in some cases actually make myself understood before even decribing the actual problem I called for!!

Ok so I register online that I have moved address...fine I think, should be straight forward...NO!!! Their system changed everything but the postcode. A month later I tried to see if I could connect..NO!

I called Tiscali customer sevice (TCS) asking what the problem was.

1)TCS..The system has your old post code, we cannot change it...you need to re-enter your address (I did several times)

2)TCS I've changed your address online it should be ok (no you haven't TCS!!)

3)TCS There's a block on your line you have to call BT (I did, BT says as harps1h said it can only come from the ISP themselves)

4)TCS..no no sir it is you who has to call BT, we cannot do anything (repeated a few times!!!)

5) I want to cancel...TCS...Sir we will resolve your problem, I've changed your details and you should have internet in 20 working days (WD).

6) 20 WD's later no internet...I want to cancel!!. TCS...sir if you cancel it will take at least 65 WD's before you have broadband. It will be quicker if we resolve your problem. I promise within 15 WD days you will have broadband

7) 15 WD later no broadband...I want to cancel!!!

8) TCS cancellation Dept. After describing my details for the 18th time I speak to TCS in the UK. (phwew I thought, I'm finally dealing with people who a) understand me and b)can deal with my problem)

9) 19th time of describing details to TCS UK. TCS..Sir we will get someone to call you definately within 3 working days to resolve your problem.

10)Of course no one called!!!! That finely blew the last of the fragment straw. CANCELLATION TIME!

11) I would like to say cancellation was easy...it wasn't of course!!!

* Six months later after moving into my new house I'm still paying for Tiscali broadband I NEVER RECIEVED in the first place *

* The advice I recieved was at best factually incorrect. Tiscali are the ones who have to contact BT not the customer *

* TCS advised it would take 65 days to have broadband by other ISP..incorrect again!! A MAC code would have made the transition within within 2 weeks. Of course Tiscali never mention MAC codes *

* All of the contact with TCS was initiated by me incurring rediculously expensive call costs in their queing sytem *

* In this time dial-up broadband costs run into £100's*

I'm still tring to reclaim my money back from Tiscali but means more ques, being transferred from a-z etc etc..oh what joy!

I have only described the shortened version, here but you get the jist. I have described my experiences to a friend recently who had just signed up to Tiscali. He promtly cancelled his subscription (with of course a taste of poor TCS). I hope by reading this that people are aware they run the risk of experiencing similar actions when something goes wrong. It is not necessarily a relection of the service when up and running, which for me was so so(if i can remember the last time I used Tiscali broadband that is).

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