The Tiscali CD in PCA

  polar_king 19:52 21 Apr 2004

How about NOT putting so much snot on the Tiscali disk that is inserted into every PC Advisor. I have not yet managed to remove it without damaging at least some of the underlying page. Not that I care to read their advert, but I mostly lose part of the article on the other side. Normally a help page.
Why can't it be stuck on the front of the mag, so that I can just sling it in the bin with the AOL cd.

  Wilham 20:14 21 Apr 2004

I support polar-king on this, the Tiscali cd is a nuisance.

  Jarvo 20:31 21 Apr 2004

Drive's me round the bend

  ams4127 20:35 21 Apr 2004

No matter how many times this has been raised in these forums PCA still persist in this stupidity. I, for one, will not be renewing my subscription when it becomes due. And as for ever using Tiscali.......!!

  oresome 20:50 21 Apr 2004

"Why can't it be stuck on the front of the mag, so that I can just sling it in the bin with the AOL cd."
I think you've answered your own question!

  lucky1 21:49 21 Apr 2004

I always find standing over a steaming kettle helps!!!

  sidecar sid 22:12 21 Apr 2004

I certainly wont be put off buying PCA by a blob of glue,i like a challenge and although the disc removal can be slightly more difficult than building a PC the end result is almost as rewarding.


  Djohn 22:44 21 Apr 2004

How does the fact you manage to stand yourself over a steaming kettle help in the removal of the CD? ;o)

  Forum Editor 23:28 21 Apr 2004

Has it entered your head for a moment that perhaps Tiscali pay for a specific placement when taking advertising - or that they also specify the glue that's used? Surely it's not the end of the world is it? I get the same magazine with the same glue, and although I might find it a tad annoying at times I manage to cope.

If a little dab of glue makes you so wild that you'll deny yourself a magazine that was obviously good enough to warrant a subscription in the first place I'm a bit stuck for a comment I'm afraid.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:19 22 Apr 2004

Thank you to all who have contributed....I have just won £5, in my local, on the Great Glue™ bet. :-)))I am heartened that ams4127 has pushed human failure to new extremes /eyes raise.


  Andybear 18:48 22 Apr 2004

How about having an advert on the other side of the page. That way it won't matter so much if the page gets torn - unless you happen to be the advertiser of course :)

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