That Tiscali CD !!!

  Troop Leader 21:12 25 Jan 2003

If it isn't bad enough having to put up with that Tiscali CD in each issue of PCA then what comes through my door this morning but a Tiscali advert with, you guessed it, another flipi'n CD.

I can only have so many mugs of tea sitting on each one beside my monitor. I wish Tiscali would get the message I DON'T WANT YOUR SERVICE.

I'm off to blockbuster to rent ground hog day (again!)


  dewskit 22:19 25 Jan 2003

I too am fed up with the damned Tiscali Cds being stuck to the page, so almost invariably I manage to rip a hole getting it off to dump it. This is annoying enough when it is just advertising on the page behind the glue, but absolutely infuriating when part of a review goes missing too.

  rickf 22:39 25 Jan 2003

It used to be compuserve, then AOL and now Tiscali. Fed up with it. If this cos have a greener policy it would help. They should know that this type of advertising is negative!

  BRYNIT 23:50 25 Jan 2003

try using a hair dryer on the page behind the glue the heat should soften it.

  Stuartli 00:00 26 Jan 2003

As I keep saying, the Tiscali offer is also on the PCA cover disk...:-)

  Forum Editor 00:29 26 Jan 2003

but it certainly works for Tiscali. They have grown to be the second largest ISP in Europe by advertising in this way, and that's why they do it.

The CD usually comes off if you peel the page very slowly from the CD - not the other way around. It's the same principle as the correct way to open a bottle of Champagne - hold the bottle still, and twist the cork.

  Danoh 00:43 26 Jan 2003

we r moving in higher circles! :)

  VoG™ 00:47 26 Jan 2003

Sorry but it does not work... I end up either covered in champagne or with a torn page.

Once extricated from the mag, the Tiscali disk (plus remnants of PC Advisor) is useful as a bookmark.

  Forum Editor 00:59 26 Jan 2003

Get a case of Champagne and practice. By the time you get to the third or fourth bottle you'll have perfected the technique of opening the bottle without losing a single drop, and you won't care how much you tear the page.

  powerless 01:46 26 Jan 2003

Push the cork into the bottle and see if you can get the cork out...

  paperlad 05:46 26 Jan 2003

I, too am fed up with the Tiscali CD, BUT..........they were the first company (under the name X-STREAM ) to offer FREE access.
They started the whole thing off. Pioneers!!!!
So if we old chaps have a soft spot for them, surely we can forgive a monthly CD

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