Tiscali buys Pipex

  astra46 14:40 13 Jul 2007

Only recently upgraded to Pipex Midi and Homecall.

What will this deal mean for me?

  iscanut 15:18 13 Jul 2007

If Tiscali involved, problems re customer service !

  sunny staines 15:24 13 Jul 2007

has the buy out gone ahead

  Stuartli 15:29 13 Jul 2007

It could be that Tiscali will allow Pipex to retain an autonomous role, in the same manner as Carphone Warehouse with AOL.

Sad to see Pipex being bought out - it was founded in 1991, was an outstanding ISP for both business and domestic subscribers from the outset and I've been with it since 1996 (on dial-up).

  astra46 16:59 13 Jul 2007

I agree stuartli, ive been with Pipex over 4 years and found them good, i was going to Switch to SKY a few weeks ago, Pipex offered me Homecall and Pipex Midi for £11.99 a month and first 3 months free, so i stayed with Pipex.

  FreeCell 17:45 13 Jul 2007

I agree too, have been with Pipex for six years and had no problems, though trying recently, as an existing cutomer, to switch to Midi and Homecall was delayed and delayed.

The thought of Tiscali did not give me an instant positive reaction given their reputation. Comparison in thinkbroadband shows Tiscali fall below Pipex on nearly all measures.

Seems that the Pipex shareholders and the Office of Fair Trading have still got to approve the takeover, but given the other acquisitions in recent weeks and months that must be just a formality.

We also use Supernames for webhosting which was owned by Pipex, but this isn't part of the Tiscali deal, so could end up with new owners for this as well. Ho hum!

  sunny staines 20:24 13 Jul 2007

I will sit tight and see if tiscali leave pipex to run as a seperate section [best option]. or if they amaligmate the two together.

  honeyrose 20:42 13 Jul 2007

Pipex has deteriorated since it was taken over by Virgin Meeja - hardly ever get the bandwidth we are paying for now - and as for 123-reg - now owned by Pipex - don't even go there.

My sister is a Tiscali customer who was without any email for 10 days recently and firstly they tried to blame spam (I think those of us with some technical background are highly sceptical about that) and then they claimed that email was free for Tiscali customers so what were they complaining about anyway. She was spitting tacks about it.

I am not at all happy about becoming a Tiscali customer - plus Pipex is already expensive and with the shortfall in performance since Virgin took over I had been thinking of changing ISPs anyway. Anyone got any recommendations?

  harps1h 22:20 13 Jul 2007
  Taff™ 10:22 14 Jul 2007

As far as I`m aware Pipex has never been owned by Virgin.

Having been with Pipex since the 90`s I`m prepared to wait and see what Tiscali`s influence is like. Pipex over the years has always provided very good customer & technical service and I can`t grumble about their speeds either. (Currently 8096KBs downspeed and 498 Kbps upstream) A recent upgrade to Homecall with Anytime call package and line rental included costs me less than £30. That saved me over £25 per month against the combined bill with BT.

I`m not aware of any significantly better deals on the market at the moment and for me Pipex isn`t worth leaving for a few quid per month. (Yet!)

  Stuartli 11:09 14 Jul 2007

Click on the top right news item from this link for the Pipex information on the takeover:

click here

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