From Tiscali to BT Broadband - FAST!

  KorgY 15:07 19 Mar 2009


I jumped ship* from Tiscali to BT broadband, and i received my FREE phone, FREE hub yesterday (worth nearly £90) plus £20 off my next bill. Cudos.!

Set up was easy (wish it was like this in the 1990's, what with those floppy's and all...) Put the CD and do as it says..... Plugged Hub in, and was activated at midnight (like they told me on the phone) but only Via LAN - not wireless.

The switchover was easy, and the speed from Tiscali to Bt-total broadband is very significant. 126KPS maximum download on Tiscali (Via net metre) versus 845KPS on BT-broadband. Or, if you like, 987kps on with Tiscali (never did get to a megabyte on this), To 7877 on BT-broadband - with speed at times going over 8 megs. So it feels (a bit) like going from dial-up to broadband, and with this very attractive phone, and weekend/evening call, is quite something.

Thought this would help other people who "may" wish to switch over. A BT engineer came yesterday to make some adjustments, because up till then i had no connection. Tiscali cut me off (they said they wouldn't do that - bu there goes)


  Cymro. 15:50 19 Mar 2009

I have been with BT for three years and am on the whole quite happy with them. It is nice to hear someone with a good word to say about BT for a change as they are very often slagged off on this forum.

  KorgY 16:09 19 Mar 2009

Slagging ISP's off seems to be almost a hobby - for some people. I'm not slagging Tiscali off (though there are many negatives - such as a "8 megabyte" connection - that never happened - but "promised me". With HD film/trailers/games etc, 1 meg was like being on dial up - too slow. but 8 megs gives you so much more breathing space

I have been with bt before, but its that long ago, it was via "Dial-up":) 4.5 kps if memory serves.....:)


  ventanas 16:39 19 Mar 2009

I recently joined BT and so far have no problems with the connection, but email is hell. I'm fed up with password problems, time outs etc. Even the email address they set me up with (my username) no longer works. The sub accounts I have created so far are working.
They are supposedly ringing me tonight to sort it out, but I'm not holding my breath. This has been going on for six weeks and I've already decided to ditch them when the contract is up.

  ventanas 21:22 19 Mar 2009

OK,I take it back. They did ring, and sorted it. Changed the pop and smtp servers from BT to yahoo.
Now I've got emails everywhere.

  citadel 21:32 19 Mar 2009

I once phoned bt about a telphone wire that ran to my house that had been damaged by council workmen, 20 minutes later a engineer turned up to fix it.

  Stuartli 12:56 20 Mar 2009

BT's current offer still doesn't come anywhere near TalkTalk for remarkable value for money and much lower overall cost.

  KorgY 14:12 20 Mar 2009

At the end of the day you get what you pay for - each to there own.


  Stuartli 14:44 20 Mar 2009

How does broadband averaging 7Mb connection speeds, free AnyTime calls to UK and 36 international countries numbers, as well as line rental, for a monthly cost of £20.49 sound to you?

It's even cheaper if you are out at work all day and opt for the evening and weekend free calls and AnyTime international calls package (still with BB and line rental included).

But, as you say, each to their own...:-)

  Stuartli 14:48 20 Mar 2009

I was with Tiscali (in fact from the WorldOnline days) from 1998 until joining TT in April 2006 - it proved a first class decision and even today few, if any, ISPs can match the package.

There's little doubt you've made a similar good decision by also switching from Tiscali.

  KorgY 15:34 20 Mar 2009

Actually stuart, i was going to change isp's long before i heard of "problems" with Tiscali - nearly went for Sky package, orange, talk talk, aol. virgin, be pro,plus net, """O2 broadband""" (they seem popular as of late)... Hold on, let me give you the link to let me type less:) lol! click here

As you can see, there are lots to choose from! - i went for BT simple as:)



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