tiscali broadband / phone

  charlton200 19:44 12 Dec 2007

I am with tiscali broadband.they are doing a broadband / phone offer which sound OK which includes your line rental.
I am quiet happy with the broadband but there India based customer help is terrible.
My worry is that if i joined and I had a problem with my line and i had to ring them that it will be a waste of time because they can never understand me and I cannot understand them.
Anyone one else with this tiscali package that has any views.


  Stuartli 20:02 12 Dec 2007

Remember that virtually every one of the employees who work in such call centres almost certainly understand and speak English at a very much higher level than your conversations in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali or whichever one you use.

Asians, in common with many others, are polite, courteous and always ready and willing to go out of their way to help as much as they can.

  charlton200 20:11 12 Dec 2007

Please don't understand me. There is nothing wrong with the people concered, as you say they are very nice people, it just my line to so bad that i just cannot hear them and they cannot hear me.If i was talking to my brother in india i wouldn't be able to understand him either.

If i had a problem with my line now BT would fix it , but if tiscali are paying for my phone line who fixes it then.

  oresome 20:25 12 Dec 2007

The phone line will still be repaired by BT, but you will report the fault to Tiscali who will confirm the fault exists before passing it to BT.

The last time I reported a fault direct to BT, I spoke to no one, but a computerised voice gave me instructions to follow during the test sequence.

Tiscali may have similar equipment.

  Stuartli 20:26 12 Dec 2007

>>If i had a problem with my line now BT would fix it , but if tiscali are paying for my phone line who fixes it then.>>

It wouldn't make any difference. BT is still responsible for the maintenance of the line from the exchange to your Master phone socket.

Tiscali will almost certainly have its own LLU equipment in your exchange - in fact you will have to have a BT line to be able to sign up with Tiscali.

It's exactly the same with TalkTalk, whose £20.50 International3 package beats Tiscali and any other ISP's offers all ends up.

I've been on the TalkTalk International3 package since a year last April and it's the best move I ever made (from, of course, Tiscali!)

  Stuartli 20:28 12 Dec 2007

It's not the fault of the call centre staff that your phone line is so poor.

You should take the matter up with BT as the fault my well lie in its own equipment.

  charlton200 20:43 12 Dec 2007

I did not say its the fault of anyone that my phone line is bad. i have always had a bad line even though BT says its ok. Everyone has a Job hearing me, and call centers and oversea's it even worse.

Thanks very much for your your info. I didn't understand how all this worked.

  spuds 00:53 13 Dec 2007

Tiscali now have a 'one number' 0870 222 3311 customer support line, which I used the other day. After I had gone through a series of press this that and every other number, I was connected to a Scottish accent, and not someone with an Asian accent speaking from an Indian call centre.

Going through the recorded message stage of being told to press different numbers, I was informed at one stage "To report line faults" press either 1-2-3.

  oresome 10:07 13 Dec 2007

I noticed the other day that BT had been awarded a large contract by Virgin to maintain some of their switching equipment.

So whoever you pay your money to, don't be surprised if BT have some involvement should it develop a fault.

  spuds 10:42 13 Dec 2007

That is the point, it doesn't matter who your ISP is at present, if you are connected to a BT line. BT will be involved, possibly as sub-contractors to the service.I know in my area, there are daily visits to the road boxes, either by BT or Virgin Media.

A thing of interest perhaps. Yesterday I was reading a magazine article, and it stated that "Britain's broadband industry has said there is no need to push for next generation broadband yet, because there isn't sufficient demand for it". Didn't they say the same thing, when everyone was struggling with Dial-Up?.

Looking at recent survey statistics, Britain is dragging its feet again in the race of providing a better service, compared to other countries.

  David4637 13:26 13 Dec 2007

You are at the mercy of Tiscali call centre,who get BT out to you, although once fixed Tiscali's reliability is good. Make sure you you know what you are paying for, is the line rental reduction a real cost saving. I had a line fault one month ago and BT repaired it the same day, I doubt you will get that service via Tiscali. David

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