Tiscali "broadband" for 15.99?

  mitey_won 09:22 05 Mar 2004

Tiscali is currently advertsing "broadband" at around 3X faster than 56k dial up.
Has anyone been able to actually subscribe to this offer? A colleague of mine rang Tiscali to take them up on their offer and they were told that they weren't able to have the 15.99 subscription as there weren't enough people in their local area taking up the deal!

Instead they were told they would have to sign up to the 256k package at 19.99.
Have checked online and my colleague is in a broadband area, so what's this stuff about not being able to offer the package as advertised?

  byfordr 09:30 05 Mar 2004

Avoid and get properly broadband for a few quid more click here

Can personally recommend click here


  antoni34 10:17 05 Mar 2004

Should be called an ISDN package.

3x dial up is pitiful !!

Spend the extra money and your m8 should get "proper" broadband.

I`m with Tiscali and it costs me £26.99/month and I have never had any problems

  mitey_won 11:19 05 Mar 2004

I appreciate the value of proper broadband and have a 512kbps subscription with pipex myself. What i'm asking about is Tiscali and this specific deal for 15.99, whether you think it's rubbish or not, has anyone out there actually signed up for, or tried to sign up for this and been denied?


  byfordr 12:32 05 Mar 2004

For the money its better than Dial up, but for a few quid more proper broadband does things to Tiscali 3x and from a great height

Would always be a bit warey of Tiscali, because they seem to have no concept of a proper billing system (Complaints coming through even now) Also got a email account with lineone (now tiscali) and a tiscali one and over half the time I can't access it.



  JerryJay 13:53 05 Mar 2004


You could try click here which offers similar or better deals. I am with plusnet £18.99 real broadband package and very satisfied.

All 3x (150k), 5x (250k), 10x(512k) and 20x (1M) packages use the same ADSL technology, so if he can get £19.99 package, he should also be able to get £15.99 package. It may just a trick to force people to get more expensive package by saying he cannot get £15.99 package but £19.99 package. It may not be a good idea to deal with any company who use marketing trick even their offers are good.

antoni34, 150K is not "broadband" as such, but it is not ISDN. In my view, it can be justified to say 150K is broadband because it use the same technology (i.e. ADSL)

  light spirited 13:55 05 Mar 2004

A friend that is a little short of cash signed up and is happy with the service. Personally i'm can afford to pay £25 a month and am very happy with virgin.net. I was with them while on a 56k modem and as thier rates were good and have excellent customer service I didnt see the point of changing.
Knowing that many companies offer broadband *up to ten times faster* what have people found conserning the actual file tranfer rate? [email protected] happy to say that while with virgin i've had over 500k continually.

  spuds 20:29 05 Mar 2004

I signed up for both the 10xBB and the 3xADSL services. I found that the call centre sales staff can get a little confused,and sometimes offer incorrect information.3X is a very good service, at about the same price of 56k with faster speed and 'spare' telephone line.Go for it.

  Mister Splendid 20:43 05 Mar 2004

I use BT Braodband's 1MB service. I always get 288Kbps upstream and 1152Kbps downstream. This service is more expensive but the speed is excellent with BBC and ZDnet pages loading especially quickly. Downloads typically run at 80>110KBps.

  Stuartli 09:41 06 Mar 2004

Stick with Pipex....:-)

Top class ISP since 1991 and catering mainly for business users but also first class for home subscribers.

It's also much cheaper than the majority of ISPs for broadband at around £23.

But if you really want to enter the strange world of Tiscali, especially its billing disasters on occasions, then feel free...:-))

I use both Pipex and Tiscali (been on PAYG with Pipex since 1996) and have never had cause to complain), whereas Tiscali is a constant irritation.

But there are good reasons why I retain the status quo.

  BIG ben strikes again!!! 13:14 06 Mar 2004

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