Tiscali - are the horror stories true?

  Lightchop 12:34 17 Jan 2005

After years of wavering I have finally decided to go down the broadband route - my needs and budget ably filled by the Tiscali 256 uncapped service. Ordered yesterday. Its only this morning when browsing through some review sites (one in particular) that I get the impression that they have a lot of disgruntled customers with regard to speed and customer service.
What are other members views (good or bad) on this? I still have a cooling off period which I suppose I could take advantage of if the service is not as promised when I get it, its just that 'forearmed is forewarned' as they say.

(and as an ex Gio customer I don't need any more grief!)

  lignum vitae 12:51 17 Jan 2005

I had Tiscali dial up for 18months with no problem except for their erratic accounts department.I have now switched to Metro net for my 1gb broadband and am delighted.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:16 17 Jan 2005

I have had their dial up monthly pay and I use their BB and roaming dial up...I would have no other ISP.


  Totally-braindead 13:55 17 Jan 2005

I've been with Tiscali for about a year now on BB, connection is perfect. I think every internet provider has problems, only problem I did have was the email went down a couple of times over the past year, only for a hour or so, all you do is check back an hour later no hard ship really.

  spuds 23:11 17 Jan 2005

I have used Lineone, now Tiscali for ages, never really had any major problems, and have been well satisfied with the service provided.I have contacted their Indian call centre in the past for advice regarding my broadband, and I wasn't to impressed, but this was mainly due to the language problem and the fact that the operator was using screen advice.Emails can be a little daunting, but writing a letter gets a much better reply. Yes overall I would recommend them, as I cannot see much difference between Tiscali and all the other ISP's.They all have their good and bad points,and it is usually the bad points that people often report.

But saying that, I notice that there is confusion about their new upgrade offers to new and old customers:o)

  Forum Editor 23:36 17 Jan 2005

that although you may have seen many tales of woe from 'disgruntled customers' these represent a tiny proportion of the Tiscali user-base. We're talking about a huge business here - In the five year period from 1998 to 2003 Tiscali has seen its turnover grow from £2.9 million (1998) to just over £900 million (2003).
The company has 7.7 million customers, of which just over 1.5 million are on broadband connections.

Keep those figures in mind when you're considering those disgruntled customers. Companies don't sustain that kind of growth by providing a bad service.

  grumpy-git 00:36 18 Jan 2005

Pleased to say I have never had any problems with Tiscali & my dial up connection. I joined them back in the days when they were "LineOne" which must have been a good 4 years ago.

  [email protected] 11:08 18 Jan 2005

I used them once what a nightmare have a look here and make your own mind up click here

Been with pipex for 10 months and what bliss

  Mork 13:23 18 Jan 2005

The only problem I had was the time on line was reduced from two hours to thirty minutes with no warning.I was also on the £7.99 one which went up to £9 odd without any notification. I have since upgraded to broadband, I hope this will be better in the future.

  Mike D 13:28 18 Jan 2005

I have 256 - soon to be upgraded for free to 512 - and I have had no problems whatsoever with connections or speed since I had it installed 12 months ago.


  boy_from_the_blackstuff 14:21 18 Jan 2005

I have used Tiscali Broadband for last 13 months and have no complints. Had problems when I called their Technical Support line once but managed to sort problem out myself.

I did have problems when I used Tiscali for my normal telephony service in that they wouldn't put me on the pricing structure I wanted despite multiple telephone calls, e-mails and a letter. Went back to BT for that but no similar problems with BB

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