Tiscali Anytime -- Excessive Use or System Fault ?

  jsp21c 22:49 08 May 2003

I have received an email from Tiscali saying due to my excessive internet use over the last 3 months, my account will be terminated at the end of May. I have checked out my usage figures on Tiscali only to find loads of 'internet time' recorded between 12am and 7 am, generally in 2 or 1 hour blocks most nights adding to 5 or 6 hours usage each night. There is no way I can have been usung my computer at these times -- I'm in bed sleeping.
I think the Tiscali system has been hacked and the hackers are able to transfer their usage time onto other peoples accounts, I'm also sure I'm not the only person to have had this happen either.
I have explained this to Tiscali customer services and notified their abuse section but had no reply yet.
I'll probably have to take my business to an ISP with a more secure system than Tiscali can provide, but untill now I have had good service from Tiscali.
I wonder if any one has heard of similar experiences -- I'm sure the Tiscali system has been hacked.

  marjted 00:06 09 May 2003

Checked my Tiscali account after reading your posting and have a number of middle of the night timings too. Of the suspicous timings over the last week, nothing longer than 47 mins but need to check what my wife has used in the morning.
You may have unearthed something here.

Will post again when I have more definite info.

  marjted 09:23 09 May 2003

Looking at the printout of my usage times for the last week in the cold light of morning, I note that Tiscali seem to use a 12hr clock timing without any am or pm identification. WIll try to confirm this with them later.
My earlier concern at 0200 to 0600 times are explained when the schedule is viewed sequentially and they were probably log ons made in the afternoons.
Not the best of systems though, no wonder their accounts have been in such a mess

  jsp21c 10:11 09 May 2003

Marjted, is right,I've been back to my usage records and Tiscali does use a 12 hour clock for it's records, but even so there are loads of times listed when I'm sinply not on the net, even on recent days when I've been noting down my PC usage, there are 1 or 2 hour blocks on my records when I simply was not on the net.
I'm certain the system has been hacked and the hackers have moved their own records onto other customers accounts.

  Goldcroft 08:09 10 May 2003

Something like this happening at Tiscali does not surprise me at all. Their managerial set up is terrible, double billing, no billing etc etc. There have been many threads. Getting sensible answers from their billing and customer services departments is impossible. Apparently the company has got itself overstretched buying up other companies in a European domination bid and they have lost the plot. If they have terminated your account they have done you an immense favour. There are plenty of others out there.

  -pops- 08:31 10 May 2003

I ditched Tiscali on the day they took over Lineone. I don't know if I had a clairvoyant moment but I've not regretted it, judging by the continual stream of tales about them on these columns and elsewhere.


  The Spires 10:16 10 May 2003

I can't really see anyone hacking a dial up account anymore, I'm not saying there isn't an issue though.

  jsp21c 10:18 10 May 2003

Amazingly enough, especially considering I live in rural Warwickshire,I've just found out that my exchange is being updated to broadband in July. It's something I thought might never happen, I'm delighted !
I have moved ISP several times in the past, it seems the only answer if they start to mess you around and shall probably go back to BT for their broadband service, which no doubt won't be without problems, but for someone who thought they might never have broadband, I'll be very pleased to sign up.

  3Toed 10:37 10 May 2003

You lucky so and so ;-),pleased for you Jsp21c.
Pass some luck my way will you?

  Stuartli 21:03 10 May 2003

To add to this; it was at the end of March that I received an e-mail from Tiscali stating that from April 1st any time I used over 50 hours on my Tiscali 50 account would be charged at 1p a minute.

Now this is the original contract but over the past year or so I (and presumably others) have been able to use the Tiscali 50 service as a 24/7 one...:-)

So it's disappointing, but understandable from Tiscali's point of view.

There's a piece on the subject on theregister if anyone is interested.

  Goldcroft 07:24 11 May 2003

Probably being very thick, but what is the register you mention.

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