gemdogie 16:18 17 Oct 2008

I am with Tiscali for my broadband & telephone calls " collective sigh please " but have retained my telephone line with B T. I have been with Tiscali nearly a year now and upto press I am happy with them, touch wood.
The question I have is, has anyone any idea why they are so keen to take over my telephone line rental, I am bombarded with Emails, telephone calls and snailmail all asking for permission to do this. Has anyone any idea as to why ?

  Clapton is God 16:26 17 Oct 2008

I've no idea what the advantage is for Tiscali.

But I transferred my line rental to them about 10 months ago and, for a monthly saving of £11 (when compared to BT line rental), it's a no brainer.

  Stuartli 19:28 17 Oct 2008

Are you on a Tiscali LLU equipped exchange?

I suspect that Tiscali will get a slightly cheaper line rental rate by paying BT on your behalf (you can't have Tiscali unless you have a BT line; same for TalkTalk, which is my ISP, the line rental of £10.50 being included in my AnyTime International3 package price of £20.50).

>>But I transferred my line rental to them about 10 months ago and, for a monthly saving of £11 (when compared to BT line rental), it's a no brainer.>>

Both are the same price to the best of my knowledge.

  gemdogie 09:38 18 Oct 2008

Thank you clapton & stuartli for your answers.
My main concern is that if you transfer your BT line to another provider & then after a period of time wish to change again will it be difficult to do this. As far as I can see all isp's require a BT landline. Also I understand that after you transfer your line from BT the charge to return is around £199.

  Stuartli 11:01 18 Oct 2008

>>Also I understand that after you transfer your line from BT the charge to return is around £199.>>

I'm with TalkTalk, as I have already mentioned, on an exchange where it has its own LLU equipment installed; the section from the exchange to my Master Socket is, of course, BT owned.

BT regularly sends letters and e-mails imploring me to return to it at no charge, citing free evening and weekend calls being included in the line rental price.

I would have to be completely stupid to do so as I would give up TT's superb AnyTime Internationl3 package AND pay out more overall.

  Clapton is God 14:52 18 Oct 2008

"Both are the same price to the best of my knowledge"

What are??

To elaborate for your benefit

11 months ago I was paying Tiscali £19.99 a month for my BB and free 24/7 phone calls PLUS £11 per month to BT for line rental.

I am now paying Tiscali £19.99 a month for my BB and free 24/7 phone calls AND line rental. I don't pay anything to BT. Ergo, a saving of £11 per month.

  Clapton is God 15:01 18 Oct 2008

From BT's website:

"If your house has had a BT phone service in the recent past and the line still has a dialling tone, it's likely it won't cost you anything to get your line working again (you can check for dial tone by plugging a telephone into the BT socket and lifting the receiver). You'll just have to pay your line rental (either monthly or quarterly), cost of calls, and for any additional services you require from BT".

  Stuartli 15:57 18 Oct 2008

Slight confusion, but similar outcome.

Tiscali has, like some other ISPs, eventually had to follow the TalkTalk route of a combined broadband, phone service and line retail package; it's achieved via installing its own LLU equipment, although the final section of the line is still BT's property as you need a BT line to receive Tiscali or TT's service.

All Tiscali and TT do is pay the line rental on your behalf to BT (and probably, as I stated, get a small commission to make it worthwhile).

Like you, I was with Tiscali (broadband only at £14.99 for 2MB a month) and paid BT separately for phone calls and line rental.

TalkTalk's International3 package was so outstanding when launched in April 2006 that I immediately took it up.

It's the best decision I've made in a long time and the financial savings have been quite substantial.

An extra bonus was ridding my system of Tiscali lacklustre service...:-)

  LinH 17:35 18 Oct 2008


I'm even more confused!

Like Clapton is God I also have the Tiscali combined broadband and telephone package. With this package I do not pay a line rental to either BT or Tiscali, only the call charges and they are free at weekends. The savings over a year are considerable. How does this compare with the TT offering?

As was said, it's a no brainer really.


  oresome 00:14 19 Oct 2008

The inclusive Tiscali broadband and telephone package includes the line rental charge which is collected and passed on to BT, less a handling charge.

The ISP undertakes fault diagnosis, rather than BT. If a landline fault is diagnosed, the ISP passes the fault to BT, not you. If the landline proves to be OK, BT will charge either the ISP or you for the call out.

Exclude the line rental cost and you get broadband and the majority of telephone calls for less than £10 per month. If you're a heavy telephone user, it seems a bargain.

  LinH 10:03 19 Oct 2008


There still seems to be an element of confusion here.

Prior to upgrading I was on the Tiscali 2meg broadband package at £14.99 per month.

I now have 2 meg broadband and free weekend telephone calls with no line rental charge at £14.99 per month - exactly the same price as before.

How then can Tiscali collect the line rental charge when I'm not paying it in the first place?

Additionally, using your model, if you take the line rental charge at say £10 per month out of the equation, I am getting 2 meg broadband and free weekend calls for 4.99 per month. That doesn't seem a bargain, it is a bargain!


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