boroboyben 20:11 25 May 2008

Right we used to have a great relationship with Tiscali, until we had to stop using the internet for a few months due to financial issues. When we rang them to get back on the internet they would pass us form pillar to post! Eventually after they found out the problem (Given us the wrong password!) they promised us they would send out a wireless router.

Well 5 weeks on we have no router, proves they cannot keep promises or do there job properly.

Has anyone else had this problem with them?


  Totally-braindead 21:49 25 May 2008

Not that problem no.

But they did knock my internet connection off for a fortnight and then once they got it going again told me a pack of lies. So I left them and went elsewhere.

In my opinion Tiscali are fine if your internet connection has no problems but if something does go wrong they are useless at sorting out problems.

In my opinion based on the problems I had of course.

  spuds 22:25 25 May 2008

I was promised a new router modem recently, and I received it within two days.

(Given us the wrong password!) I always thought that it required you to supply your own password?.

  boroboyben 23:25 25 May 2008

Totally-braindead: I do agree they are useless at sorting problems out, if they actually had people in a British call centre it might make a huge difference!

Spuds: They did let us choose our own password, but it didn't work as they said they reset it. They gave us the password which they said was 00000037 which wasn't the right password!

I am about to email them asking what's going on.


  jack 08:59 26 May 2008

but get a problem and then they up the wall.
I set up a chum with an older machine- after playing with dial up went for BB.
In the application they give a choice of USB or Ethernet modem.
He selected USB- He got Ethernet - and having consulted me we asked them to send the right one.
After a long wait they said they only now use Ethernet - so the chum has to fork out for a Ethernet card to get the machine on line.
Meanwhile in response to his queries they kept E-mailing me with the answers?
Wot a lot of **** they are.

  boroboyben 12:30 26 May 2008

They are incompetents idiots who have no idea about what they are meant to be supplying us with, they said we would have 8MBPS and we only have 576.0Kbps


  jack 14:11 26 May 2008

The advertised download speed of 8mbs is up to 8mbps
The actual performance depends on many factor not in the hands of the ISP.
Distance from the exchange, the number of people sharing the equipment[called contention ratio] the nature of the cabling to the premises[BT or OpenReach] and in the premises[ Your problem]

click here

  crosstrainer 14:27 26 May 2008

No problems with them at all. Don't use the supplied modem, as I have an ADSL modem / router of my own. Last weel the mail servers went down for a couple of hour's, but that is the only glitch I've ever had.

  Stuartli 15:56 26 May 2008

But you kept sending them the questions (according to your thread of recent times!)

  jack 16:49 26 May 2008

But it too a few 'heavy' mails before a real person, interened in the run back forth with the automated FAQ

  charlton200 16:51 26 May 2008

I had a trouble free internet connection with tiscali for 3 years and i have just moved to o2.

Tiscali has a joke as customer service compared with o2. The people at O2 pickup the phone on the first ring and each on the 4 times i have called them. And they are very polite too.

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