Tiscali £14.99 unlimited broadband.

  Tick Tock 19:21 06 Oct 2005

How can they offer this if thousands take
up what seems a great offer,will speed and
service suffer and after i did a broadband
check to find i can only recive 512k and maybe
1mb this has tempted me.

  Stuartli 19:38 06 Oct 2005

The £14.99 offer was originally only made to Tiscali dialup subscribers and was for 1MB with a 2GB limit.

Shortly afterwards the limit was scrapped for both the 512 and 1MB service at this price.

You may be served by an exchange which is just outside the optimal distance from your property but still able to get at least 512kbps following BT's upgrading measures.

Be somewhat thankful. It's still up to 10x faster than dialup.

I have the 2MB service (2GB cap) at £15.99 and find it excellent; it was updated foc from 1MB but, when I originally switched from Tiscali's DayTime Plus, I was getting speeds of up to 2.4MB for nearly six weeks although signed up for 1MB...:-)

  Tick Tock 19:47 06 Oct 2005

Yes i agree 10x faster is still worth going

  Wilham 21:12 06 Oct 2005

Stuartli's comment is especially interesting to me. I am on Tiscali 2Mb, uncapped, and pay £24-99 per month. A year ago I paid more, and after fuss and delay got it reduced.

Now my youngest lives away I'd be happy to have a 2GB cap, keep my present 2Mb speed and enjoy a lower monthly fee. However, I fear a repeat of the chaos that came with last change.

Is it now easier to switch to a cheaper Tiscali option without hassel?

  Cybermaxx 21:26 06 Oct 2005

£24.99? I'm with Tiscali, £17.99 for 2MB unlimited downloads....

Btw, what sort of download speeds do you get? Should I expect 240kb/s? If so, something is badly wrong with my connection!

  Stuartli 21:29 06 Oct 2005

You should be able to switch to the 2MB unlimted at £17.99 via My Account>Upgrade/Downgrade.

  Stuartli 21:33 06 Oct 2005


If it's not listed nor the 2MB (2GB capped) at £15.99, telephone 0845-072-2224, which is Tiscali's broadband upgrade/downgrade service and customer care number.

The operators seem to know their stuff whenever I've had to contact them.

  Wilham 21:55 06 Oct 2005

Stuarti, splendid suggestion, thanks, will try.

Cybermaxx. Good idea. I'll compare speeds before and (fingers crossed)) after switch. Shouldn't change, of course. But there are those who think you get what you pay for.

  Stuartli 22:54 06 Oct 2005

Check broadband speeds at:

click here

Link on left hand menu.

  Stuartli 23:06 06 Oct 2005

Just as an afterthought.

If I find that my BB speeds seem a bit low, usually disconnecting and then reconnecting the modem's USB lead brings them back to where they should be.

  Wilham 23:55 06 Oct 2005

Cybermaxx: As you suggest, I've been to click here
and the test result gives me...

Actual Downstream: 725 Kbps

Actual Upstream: 247 Kbps

True Downstream: 783 Kbps

True Upstream: 266 Kbps.

('True' includes overheads)

I've also followed Stuartli's advice, - Tiscali screen now says I've opted to upgrade from 1Mb at £24-99 to 2Mb at £17-99 and it will take effect within 96hrs.

Boy, some upgrade! All unlimited, of course.

Indebted to you, Stuartli.

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