Tiscali 128Kb £15.99

  Eastender 17:13 07 Apr 2004

Let me first say that I have the 256Mb package with Tisacli and that I'm very satified with it.


several friends having seen the Tiscali ads for this £15.99 service and only when trying to sign up have been told:-

Tiscali 150k is not available in your area.
We can only provide our 3 x Faster Tiscali Broadband package at £15.99 to broadband enabled areas covered by the Tiscali network.

Has oneone seen this disclaimer anywhere in any Tiscali adverts?

I'm not saying Tiscali is devious but they are certainly not up-front about it either.

  Eastender 17:15 07 Apr 2004


oneone = anyone

  TBH1 20:26 07 Apr 2004

there's a couple of threads open here about this. I did get some kind of explanation but can't find it right now - - - like you, applied for the £15.99 jobbie but have to accept the £19.99 one. Still waiting on installation so hope I will be as pleased as you. Again, like yourself, I was a 'doubting Thomas' as to validity of their advert but I do believe there are people out there on the slower speed.

  TBH1 20:32 07 Apr 2004

just found the response I had from them :-

Thank you for contacting Tiscali Customer Support.

Most other ISPs use a third party network to deliver broadband to their customers. Tiscali has set up its own broadband network in areas where we have large numbers of customers. This means that we can offer lower prices to our customers as a result.

The Tiscali Broadband network currently covers around 75% of broadband enabled homes. In areas not covered, we use a third party network to deliver broadband to our customers, in these areas our costs are higher and as a result we cannot offer the £15.99 product. However our 5 X faster product is still up to £10 cheaper than what most other ISPs can offer.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause

  Eastender 00:06 08 Apr 2004

Now why can't they put something like that in their ads?

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