Tiny.com.........are their pc's up to scratch?

  dicko69 02:09 03 Oct 2004

Hi folks

Looking for a new pc or laptop for wife's Xmas present. Have seen all the ads in the press relating to tiny.com. You appear to get a lot of " clock speed, ram, hard drive capacity" for your pounds. What do you guys and girls think?....is there a better alternative?

Dicko !!

  flubberjack 10:06 03 Oct 2004

Firstly, let me start off by saying that the desktop and laptops that Tiny.COM offer on their website look excellent value for money. Fair play to them for being innotavive (dodgy spelling) to bring their prices down.

Their laptops. These look excellent, although personally I have never bought one. You get a lot higher specification for your money compared to Mesh/Evesham/Dell. For example,
>Intel 3.0GHz Pentium 4 HT
>1024MB DDR RAM (PC2700 from tech specs)
> Windows XP Media Centre Edition
>ATi Mobility Radeon 9700 Pro 128MB Graphics
and that is just £1199!.

Their desktops look great vlue too, there is only a couple of things I notice about them. They use FIC motherboards (I have never heard of this brand, anyone else?) and often MicroATX motherboards in their systems. This reduces expandability and if it is a cheap MicroATX board it may fail. Some of their systems ( a good proportion now) have full ATX motherboards (again for FIC or MSI (MicroStar International)it would seem).

Another thing I have noticed that is they use PC2700 RAM in most of their pcs. That means that their is a potential bottleneck for some users who buy high spec pcs with 1GB RAM but is only has PC2700RAM. Most users would not notice this though, so whether this should matter is debatable.

They used to use 250w power supplies in their desktop systems according to the "tech specs" section for each product, but this has now been upped to 300w, although there is no brand given for the power supply, phoning Tiny.COM may reveal more.

They also charge £1 a minute for tech support (customer service is national rate).

I hope that helps

  flubberjack 10:07 03 Oct 2004

This system looks impressive!

click here

  david.h 10:41 03 Oct 2004

if they had been rubbish,we would have seen many threads by now. So I presume they must be ok.

  Forum Editor 10:56 03 Oct 2004

Exactly. I gather that these machines are being quite well received in the market, but to be honest I didn't really have any doubts about that - they're well made from decent components, and the prices are attractive to say the least.

If we were going to see a spate of complaints I expected it to be about the customer service angle, but so far it hasn't happened. There was no shortage of doom and gloom merchants posting here when the company first launched, predicting all kinds of nightmare scenarios, but so far (and I stress 'so far') things seem OK.

The testing time for all computer suppliers is shortly to be upon us - the pre-Christmas sales period is the time when manufacturers look to the market to provide a mini sales boom, and there are always uncertainties. Tiny could have a very good season with their well-specified and inexpensive product line, so we'll see what happens.

  spuds 11:02 03 Oct 2004

The advertising Tiny put out looks quite impressive, and if you notice, each model comes with a variety of specification, upgrades and prices to match.The only problem that I am aware of, is that these computers are not customer friendly if you want to upgrade yourself, and I do not think Tiny have facilities for individual later upgrades.The other problem, in my opinion, is the expensive help and support. The slightest problem [if you are not computer savvy] could run up a fair telephone bill.The other concern, again in my opinion,is the 'freebie' add-ons like software and printers etc, which is sure to add to the cost of the computer.And then there is the way the O/S is supplied, all these points need taking into account before a decision is made.Personally I would consider other manufacturers with a 'proven'stronger customer base.

If you put 'Tiny Computers' in the PCA search facility, you should find eight postings that maybe of interest.

  son of bof:) 01:14 08 Oct 2004

I recently got a Tiny e2400 laptop (£459) and all I can do is sing the praises for it, as it is an excellent laptop. Bit of a long wait for it (2 weeks over the time). So make sure you order it before December 11th if you want one :P !


(Using the laptop at the moment!)

  Bob 08:35 13 Oct 2004

Just to say IO two have the same lap top as Ben an dI am happy with it AND agree about delivery I would order one by the end of November
i had to pusg to get mine delivered on time

  anchor 16:53 13 Oct 2004

You may care to read a recent similar thread on this subject;

click here

  Starfox 19:21 13 Oct 2004

otherwise they wouldn't sell so many.I had one of the early time pc's and I got exactly what I paid for,a cheap mass produced item made from decent(not best)components that did exactly what it said on the box.Watch that modem though because unless their policies have changed it's tied to Supanet( although I understand it can be unlocked)and you won't get a recovery disc.

  canecreek 15:51 16 Oct 2004

Ive just cancelled an order for my Tiny laptop because of all the bad press ive read about tiny on forums and true to form im having a hell of a job getting my money bad.If i ever do get my money back im going to buy a PC from Rockdirect at least they give a good warrenty.

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