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  Dr Seuss 14:01 03 Sep 2006

I have a query about Tiny and the support packages operated for Tiny PC's/laptops by TotalCare.

I bought my computer in early 2005 and took up the Gold Support Package for the Reload CD. At the time of purchase, I was informed that there was no minimum period and that the warranty could be terminated at any time by cancelling the direct debits. The laptop (eventually) arrived and I decided to terminate the warranty after a few months, but prior to Tiny going into administration. On that basis, I was relieved to have got out when I did.

I heard nothing further until about November 2005 when I received a letter from TotalCare informing me that I had cancelled my DD in error and that the warranty was actually for a minimum period of 12 months. I was therefore given two options (1) pay the outstanding direct debits due under the warranty for the 12 month period; OR (2) enter into a new agreement for a new 12 month priod at £7.99 per month.

A few letters and calls went back and forward and in or about March, I wanted to draw a line under it and thought that I would relent and take up option 2, but asked that the offer be clearly set out in writing to avoid any further confusion. I heard nothing further until recently (some 5 months later) when I received a random call from TotalCare asking whether I was interested in a £7.99 warranty package, but making no reference whatsoever to the monies that TotalCare claims are outstanding to them. I am not sure what prompted this call.

In short, I wanted to enquire whether others have received similar correspondence and calls. I am sure that many people will have stopped their DDs when Tiny went bust to limit their losses.

If so,

1. Have many people taken up the offer of the £7.99 package and what has the level of service been like from them? My impression from various message boards is that it has not been great.

2. For those who haven't taken up the offer, have many people experienced TotalCare actively pursuing customers for the amounts it claims are due as a result of the cancelled DDs?

  sean-278262 18:43 03 Sep 2006

7.99 a month, even assuming your PC has a major hickup this year thats 95pounds which would get you a local computer repair man to sort it. I dont see much point. Cant help regarding the main question but I would be reluctant to go with it myself considering they went bust the first time.

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