hbcmike 01:28 08 May 2004

Hi all - anyone any experience of their currant laptops? I can't find any reviews anywhere and they seem cheap and well specified - too good to be true?


  acfc 08:22 08 May 2004

Have you added the cost of the retore CD and a decent warrenty?

Tiny (like sister company Time) do not give you either a Windows CD or restore CD unless you pay the extra for it (and eventually yo are going to need it).

When comparing prices it is always important to ensure it is 'like for like'.

  hbcmike 13:56 08 May 2004

thanks for this, it's a valid point. any other info about the actual components etc etc also appreciated.

  ste_bla 14:14 08 May 2004

which tiny model where you thinking of going for? Also i have a Acer laptop and they supply VERY GOOD cd's for Destructive(TOTAL) and non destructibe(JSUT OS) HDD Rebuilds V easy and can be done in under 15mins!!

Also accidently broke keyboard once and they replaced it even though it was quite obvious it was my falt!

  hbcmike 14:24 08 May 2004

They're pushing one for just under £700 with firewire and dvd writer which I'm interested in. AMD 2800XP (or there abouts), 256 MB, 40 Gig HDD.

  ste_bla 14:24 08 May 2004

well actually as your askihng about components what sort of price range were you looking at?

  ste_bla 14:27 08 May 2004

what do you actually want/need to do with your laptop? Also i was thinking do you need a big HDD or would a small one do with n/work connection to your other pc? And will you try too play games on it?

  ste_bla 14:32 08 May 2004

Well i found an ACER:

AMD 2600xp-M, 512 Ram DDR333, 40gb HDD, CD-RW / DVD-Rom, 15" Screen, 56k modem, firewire, 4xUSB, LAN, InferRed, Audio, Mic IN, S-Video Out

For under 700, Although CPU slightly slower the extra Ram makes up for it as you can never have to much ram!

BUT: It wont have very good graphics but then the TINY one wont either unless you increase the amount of memory for graphics therefore decreasing RAM even more!

  hbcmike 14:40 08 May 2004

thanks for the replies. wanted the thing for DV video editing on hols to save doing it when I got home! games not required but DVD watching is. Ability to burn DVDs a bonus, but not essential. Any other advice comments welcome - and I'll check out Acer!

  ste_bla 14:50 08 May 2004

Well if your going to go for Editing you diffinetly need as much ram as possible. I doubt your going to find a laptop w/ dvd burner at the sorta price, also as you probably guessed a good sized HDD is always good.

A good place to look is DABS.com they have ALOT of laptops there. The only reason i said about a ACER was the fact i got one from there had no real problems except I broke keyboard by dropping it (not good idea!) but the fixed it, comes with V good software for reinstalling drivers winxp etc. However you wouldnt get MS Works on it like u do at tiny...

One thing i will say is do you ever see mention of bad ACERs in the forum which is a good sign and personally i wouldnt trust TIME/TINY but then thats just me.

Also ACER laptops have internation warrantee got my laptop fixed in NZ!!!

That laptop i described above is : click here

  Chronos 14:55 08 May 2004

cheap, being the operative word..

nothing worse than waking up in the cold grey light of morning only to realize you have done a wrong un..........

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