rickimalone 18:44 22 Mar 2004

I've just seen on the TINY website a power PC with the following specs:

AMD64 3400+
400GB 7200RPM HD (2X200GB)
15 TFT

All that for £1195.99 inc VAT???

How can this be so cheap??? i've not seen anything nearing those specs for anything less than £1600+
Dont really know how it can be that cheap whats the catch???
Has anyone seen a review for this PC, Or know about the performance of Tiny power PC's like this one???

Its Tiny Power 3400-64 Deal 7 £1199.99

  Hypnos 20:10 22 Mar 2004

cheap parts....for a start..you get what you pay for...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:28 22 Mar 2004

Indeed, Raedons and AMD's are for beggars and we should all drive Bentleys.click here Hypnos is writing utter rubbish. The parts will all be well-known brands or of excellent quality. They are also trying hard to regain a foothold in the market.

I would have a look at some of the Mesh offerings(click here ) and do not be too worried about 64bit as it is only useful in large networks, an AMD 3200 will be just as good.


  rickimalone 21:09 22 Mar 2004

I've just bought a Mesh Matrix AMD64 3000+FX
and am very happy with it, the thing is my new purchase has started a bit of a computer buying season in my girlfriends and my familys.

My imediate reaction was to point them in the direction of Mesh as i've had such a result, but at the same time I want them to get the most for their money?????????

  Forum Editor 07:15 23 Mar 2004

to suggest that Tiny Power PCs are constructed from cheap parts - they're using the same components that other manufacturers use. By using the same name as the company that folded the new business is gambling. On the one hand they'll run the risk of attracting the kind of comment we've seen in this thread, and on the other hand they have at least got the advantage that the name is known - people will be curious.

If their stated policy of providing good computers at low prices without the overhead of heavy advertsiing and promotional costs works they'll be on to a winner - although maybe not in the short term. The company has huge manufacturing capabilities and purchasing power, and these advantages should help. I for one will watch their progress with interest.

  byfordr 10:35 23 Mar 2004

Try this thread click here

Do a quick search for Time on the forums/google after all they are the company behind Tiny.

For £1200 you should get a lot of computer try click here click here click here click here click here



  Al94 16:09 23 Mar 2004

My second ever PC was made by Tiny and worked faultessly for years despite several upgrades by someone who knew very little (me) back then. It is still going strong with a new owner who only uses it for word processing and the like. I agree they need a chance to relaunch the brand, jury is out as it is part of Time but it is nonsense to rubbish them at this stage.

  rickimalone 09:54 24 Mar 2004

Thankyou for all your imput, the type of thing im trying to find out about these systems is what type of RAM are they using PC2700/PC3200 what is the mother board??

More of what i'd like to get at is what are it's score's on things like sys2002 and 3DMark 03.

Are these Tiny Power PC's being reviewed at all as I cant find them in any magazine's or anything which is a shame as It would be nice to see how the configurations actually perform as spec's are not always the best thing to go buy as far as I know.

But thanks for all imput from all users.

  bvw in bristol 10:32 24 Mar 2004
  Hypnos 15:20 24 Mar 2004

If they are top hole as Gandalf and FE say they are then they would not have to rise from the ashes like some sort of pheonix..you only have to ask anyone who had one before if they would buy another one...

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