TINY offer- I'm sceptical, please help

  blind_gangsta 20:07 31 Jul 2004

I am looking to purchase a laptop and would like to spend around £1000. during my search i stumbled upon TINY, and their cheap prices... but they seem too cheap? Can they be trusted? has anyone dealt with them and had troubles? or alternatively found them to have good service?

Thanks in advance,

  Magik ®© 20:12 31 Jul 2004

can anyone be trusted? if you type in Tiny or Time, you will get loads of posts up about them, some have had them, others the word "bargepole" springs up.

  Charence 20:32 31 Jul 2004

I cannot comment whether they can be trusted, because I'll just end up giving a biased opinion.

I have dealt with them before, bought a laptop from them for £1300, used it for a few months, started making funny noises, shortly after 1 year, the laptop cooling ceased functioning and CPU also died as a result.

I phoned Tiny tech support, spent most/all of my time phoning them being transferred from one line to the other and holding the line on their £1/m number. Checked my phone bill and spent around £40 phoning and the furthest I managed to get was "Oh, your warranty has just expired, we will not deal with your problem if you do not extend your warranty (3yr = over £300)". To get to the point, don't bother calling Tiny tech support.

In case you do still want to purchase the Tiny laptop, for your reference remember this company when your Tiny breaks down: www,techno-mart.co.uk (they were the only company could/willing to repair my laptop)

ALTERNATIVELY - I recommend that you choose to buy from a company like Dell or NEC or have a look at some other companies.


  -darko- 22:21 03 Aug 2004

>>can anyone be trusted?<<
Exactly. I've never bought from Tiny, in fact the only contact I've had with them is when my next-door neighbour comes asking me to help reformat his old Tiny PII-450 system when he gets yet another virus.
I hadn't seen any recent Tiny systems until I checked out their site after seeing this topic, and to be honest I'm pretty impressed - they don't appear to be peddling the PC World-style "pretty case, don't bother thinking about upgrading it" systems that I'd expect from the high street.
You get what you pay for in the end - my last few systems have been self-built, but if you buy from a supplier, remember that the level of aftercare is pretty much standard across all manufacturers, despite what horror stories you may read about company x or y.

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