Tiny MediaBook U-64 E01301 Best Buy Review

  Sally-334229 18:36 10 May 2005

Having read this months PC advisor, I decided now was the time to buy a laptop. I decided the above seemed to fit me to a T. Ordered laptop on 18/4/05, told it will be with me within 7 to 21 days. On chasing told to expect it today (22 days after ordering) Phone call today to say they can't complete order and I will have to choose another laptop. When I said I didn't want another asked if I wanted a refund. They had taken the full amount on the day I ordered, and could not refund quickly - it would take 7-10 days and could be up to 14 days! I think you should warn all potential customers that this company is only after your money, and does not offer any service. Each call to Tiny took at least 15 minutes!! I thought that part of your review system meant that these computers had to be on offer to the public. Your magazine arrived on the mat on the Saturday 16/4/05 and I ordered on 18/4/05, obviously this computer was NOT available to the public.

  Total Care Support 11:47 11 May 2005

Hi Selsey Bill,

I was sorry to see that you where unable to get the system that you would like.

The review model that you are referring to was first reviewed in April’s Issue of PCA this was on the shelves from 1st Feb 2005 when it won the Recommended award, before moving to the tables at the back of the magazine, although we do endeavor to ensure that all review systems are available for sale for as long as possible, occasionally situations outside our control mean that a couple of months after a system is first reviewed it is no longer able to be supplied. This happens only very rarely.

At the moment certain component parts of the system that you wished for, upon arrival of a new batch have not pass quality testing meaning we are presently unable to supply that specific model until this issue is resolved. As such we are offering either a system of equal or greater specification for the same price or a refund dependant upon what our customer would prefer.

The review process does rely on a long process, for example the kit deadline for the E01301 system meant that it had to be with PCA no later than the 15th December 2004 for it to be able to appear in the magazine on the shelf on the 1st Feb 2005.

Since the E01301 was first reviewed we have sold and shipped over 150 of these notebooks following it’s review in PC Advisor. As we build to order we do not hold stock of systems pre-built, this enables us to not only include only new components in systems we sell (not something that’s been sat on a shelf) but also enables us to keep our prices low. The downside of this does mean that if a batch of the supplier’s equipment fails quality testing then it can delay a system build, and in some very rare cases if there are a few failures then a new supplier has to be sourced. In these circumstances it may mean that a production model has to be removed from sale prior to its targeted time to be removed. In these instances (this has only happened twice [total] in the last 4 years) we attempt to contact each customer who has affected by this, first by telephone a minimum of 4 attempts on each number in their account, then by email and letter to offer an system of the same or higher spec at no further cost or a refund.

With regard to the refunding of your account obviously with out specific details with regard to your case I cannot comment as dependant upon how payment was originally taken can depend upon the time frame of a refund. For example the time that we quote for refund a Credit Card usually includes the time whilst the bank processes this refund, even in this technical age when monies leave our account back to a Credit card the bank can take between 3 and 7 days for the money to show back in the account of the card dependant upon the card company. The Card Companies actually have 28 days in which to transfer the money paid from us back to you, during which time they claim the interest for themselves. Unfortunately once the money leaves our account we cannot speed it up any further as it comes under data protection act and the banks do not allow us to chase it.

However please email me with your account details, i.e. order number, invoice postcode or account number and I will be able to look into your account and ensure everything is processed as smoothly as possible.

Best regards

Daniel Warren
Granville Technology
[email protected]

  Sally-334229 17:17 17 May 2005

1 week on, and it seems the money may now have been credited from Tiny, but still not in my account. How can it take a week in this day and age to refund money on a credit card?????

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