Tiny Laptops

  Daz35 19:43 06 Apr 2004

A friend of mine is interested in upgrading his laptop and has seen some reasonably good deals at Tiny. Has anyone had experience of Tiny in either buying or after sales experience. Having never used them I would be very interested in peoples opinion. Many thanks.

  TomJerry 20:05 06 Apr 2004

tiny.com owns by Times.

  Daz35 21:52 06 Apr 2004

OK......... I was really looking for advice or opinion from people who had dealt with them before (sales, service, after-sales service) - nice to know they're part of Time though!

  Sir Radfordin 22:58 06 Apr 2004

There is little value in comparing the Tiny of old to the Tiny.com of today since the only thing that remains is the name. Tiny ceased trading and The Time Computer Group bought the rights to use the name.

One has to wonder why, given the reputation that both Tiny and Time have held in the past why they continued to use the name. They must believe they can do things differently this time. Only time (no pun intended) will tell.

My view is that after you have added in delivery and a suitable level of support (such as the recovery CD!) to any deal by Tiny.com you will be able to find something of equal spec and price elsewhere from a company I'd be more inclinded to trust.

  Daz35 23:54 06 Apr 2004

The reason I was asking was because I have had several shall we say 'experiences' with products bought off the net and the companies that have sold them to me. I always found that if you bought from a retailer rather than a manufacturer and something went wrong (talking about Dabs here) they didn't want to know and directed me (eventually, after replying)to the manufacturer, who were rather helpful.
I just wanted to give my friend the benefit of my experience (and anyone elses!), so that he doesn't make the same mistakes. Don't get me wrong, I have bought plenty of hardware and other bits and pieces from the net and never had any problems so it's not all bad. However I am still a bit wary about buying or offering up advice about buying something major like a laptop. I know people seem not to like PCW in these forums, but in terms of product replacement and money back, they've always done the right thing by me. So the question is: do you buy a product for £200 cheaper on the net and get lack of service/returns etc or pay a bit more and have the opportunity to take it back to a shop and a human being. (could be stretching that slightly for PCW!lol)

  Sir Radfordin 08:50 07 Apr 2004

It is a risk you have to take. People like Mesh/Evesham/Dell sell thousands of systems and the people who buy them never have any problems. I'd have said you stood more chance of getting problems sorted from having bought a PC than a few components from the likes of dabs and ebuyer.

I always outline the risks to anyone I give advice to on a system purcahse. Explain that things can go wrong and that I will do my upmost to sort things out and only recommend companies that I have dealt with or heard positive things about. Even with this it doesn't mean things can't go wrong.

Incidently bought an Acer laptop from a local shop recently and that has had to go back to Acer to be fixed after the hard drive failed. Swings and roundabouts most of the time.

  bfoc 10:31 07 Apr 2004

It all depends on how important support and warranty is to the person buying the machine.

If it is likely that they will need this (which you seem to imply) than perhaps as Sir Radfordin says, Evesham/Mesh/Dell might well be more suitable, they all have some reputations for customer support, have national rate support lines and give 3 years warranty at reasonable prices.

If this support/warranty is what is required then you must add the cost to the rice before you make comparisons - it can make a large difference!

When I looked for a fried a few months ago adding a 3 year warranty to a £700 machine cost £300 and the helpline was still expensive. This meant that a slightly higher specced machine costing £800 including a 3 year warranty was much cheaper - with national rate support. Of course it is only 'cheaper' if that is what is wanted.

Evesham/Mesh/Dell also have some presence in these forums from time to time!

I know Time have had, but I don't know whether Tiny.com will.

If you have a good local computer store do consider them as well!

  KatyN 10:39 07 Apr 2004

Suggest you don't go there - my experiences with a Tiny laptop would take many pages. The 4 year warrantee was worthless, I was never able to contact anyone and then the firm went bust. It has been taken over by Time, but I remain deeply suspicious, even though my husband did get a replacement from the salesman from Time, who rang up 2 years after the original laptop died.

  Daz35 10:46 07 Apr 2004

Actually it was a laptop that I bought from Dabs and believe me there was a serious lack of after sales there. I found a phone number eventually but it just rang and rang......... It was quite strange actually because I'm a company director, they started sending me literature about their business side of things and believe me, there were plenty of business phone numbers to be had!
I had the same experience with Acer, having bought an Acer laptop from Comet.........don't get me started on that! Needless to say the laptop went back to Acer or rather their local repair centre and they were very good but Comet didn't want to know until I wrote several snotty letters to their MD and manager of local store and then I received full refunds and apologies. So you'll probably see why I started this thread - maybe I've just been a bit unlucky!

  Sir Radfordin 10:59 07 Apr 2004

KatyN - I'll repeat what I have said. Time have only bought the rights to use the the Tiny name. Tiny as a company have stopped trading and won't start again. The Tiny company was not taken over by Time.

Daz35 everyone I've spoken to says they have very few problems with Acer - even the shop I bought it from said they've not had a problem with any sold over the last 12 months. Whilst they may not be telling the 'full' truth I doubt they are covering up for Acer to any extent as it won't be worth their while.

  TomJerry 11:37 07 Apr 2004

In my personal experience of using computers (used the first PC 17 years ago and roughly went through nearly 20 PCs including desktops and laptops), modern computers are very reliable. The longest one (Viglen) I used is 6 years, I also used a Tiny in 1995 for two years and sold out half price. Only had one motherboard failed for all computers I used. So I am not really sure what is the real value of technical support for experienced users. However, warrenty is of course essential in case hardware failures.

Tiny is targeting experienced users for value for money.

Users need technical support and do not want to DIY, are better off with PC World. Some deals in PC World are not bad. Someone even got PC World guy price matched other retails in Tottenham Road.

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