Tiny Computers Extended Warranty

  behrouzn 20:32 01 May 2003

I purchased a Tiny PC at the start of 2000, and (with little knowledge at the time), was fooled into buying a 4year extended warranty for about £300.

I know that Time bought Tiny a year or two ago, but when my computer developed several faults and I called up the helpline, I was told that Time would only help those who had paid for their warranty by cash. I purchased my extended warranty with my credit card and recieved no support.

What should I do?????

If I ask my credit card company, can I expect a full refund, or only some of it?????

  pj123 23:04 01 May 2003

Once again we need Chris Woolford to give his opinion. We don't appear to be getting very much input from him recently.

Contact your credit card company and see what they say. I don't think you will receive a refund but you may get your PC serviced. Also see your local trading standards office. They also have a website which may give you some answers for now. click here

  Time Group - Chris 10:53 02 May 2003

We'd love to be able to help you but unfortunately this is a matter for your credit card company. This explanation is available from the Tiny website - click here

"The Time Group, the owners of Time Computers, bought the business and some of the assets of Tiny Computers from Grant Thornton on the 30th Jan 2002.

When Time Group purchased the assets from Grant Thornton; it did not take over any of the liabilities. It believed that the extended warranties were insured. Due diligence was carried out by Ernst & Young, which confirmed this. Unfortunately Tiny had not paid the last six months' premiums and this has complicated the issue. The day after the purchase, we were informed that the insured warranties would cost millions of pounds to service (some parts were not insured). We were amazed at how inadequate warranty provision was for customers with the previous Tiny Management.

When Tiny went into administration there were three types of customers left without support or goods. These customers were differentiated by how they paid for their goods. The type of payment gave clear direction as to the liability of the goods and services that cannot be supplied, because of the administration of the company. The payment types were cash, credit finance and credit card.

We hoped that the other companies liable for customers under the Consumer Credit Act would also ensure as little consequence to customers as possible. Whilst First National Tricity Finance is working with us to ensure that the customers who bought goods on finance are covered. The credit card companies are currently refusing to co-operate and would rather that we pass all customers on to them to receive refunds. As a result, we are unable to provide any more than telephone support, to customers who paid by credit card.

Customers who paid by cash, cheque or finance will get replacement goods. Credit card customers will have to contact their card issuer for a refund. If Tiny customers are in doubt regarding whom to contact, the Tiny Support line on 0870 830 3288 will provide help and advice.

It has always been our intention to ensure that customers were not overseen and our role in this matter has been to work on their behalf, ensuring they get support and the best advice. We believe that, had we not taken over the company, things would have been disastrous for customers.

The Time Group has throughout acted in what it believes to be the best intention of customers. It sympathises with customers who have been affected by Tiny's administration and are sure that in time it can rectify most of their problems. We hope that the credit card companies reach the same opinion to help customers very soon."

Chris - [email protected]

  scribble 07:12 03 May 2003

"Unfortunately Tiny had not paid the last six months' premiums and this has complicated the issue." Now they take your money for warranties etc and then don't insure it themselves. Almost but not quite fraud by Tiny IMHO. Allegedly. ;-) Can anyone tell me what happened to Tiny? Bad stock control or what? Perhaps the collective Chris Woolfords might be able to lend a hand?

  spuds 11:17 03 May 2003

I had a similar problem with a Tempo Peace of Mind warranty. My advice to you behrouzn- contact your credit card company, tell the the up to date situation and mention the Credit Consumers Act. If you paid more than £100 for the warranty on a credit card, then the credit card company as 'equal' liability to get your machine in full working condition.I know this is fact, as I went along this route with my faulty computer system. At first the credit card company tried to 'obstruct' my legal rights, but in the end they came around. I was given details of a specialised trade contact repairer initially. But making contact with this approved company was a disaster.So back to the credit card company, who told me to make my own arrangements with a company local to me. This I did and the credit card company paid the full bill.

Remember: Be positive and persistant in your actions.Do not be fobbed off.It should work out fine in the end. Good Luck.

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