a TINY amount of TIME to reappear?

  Access genu 09:27 30 Jul 2005

Found a new site for cheap PC's P400.com, click here a word of warning, be aware of the postal address, seem to remember the town from somewhere in the non to distant TIME

  Belatucadrus 13:39 30 Jul 2005

click here P400 ltd were incorporated in 2002 and previosly traded as Dashpine ltd and as far as I can tell have no connection whatever with Granville technologies.

Perhaps more disturbing on the Time/Tiny front is the rescue attempt by Tahir Mohsan click here go into receivership, write off all the debts then start again under the same name ? The phrase "With a bargepole" springs to mind.

  interzone55 20:31 30 Jul 2005

I'm afraid it is part of Granville Technology Group, in as much as the stock it sells (or sold) was bought from GTG. The servers running the web site are owned and run by Internexus (part of GTG), the call centre staff were based in the GTG building in Simonstone and the returns were processed by Total Care (guess who they were).

Sorry, it was just another Time Group company.

  shizzy 21:18 30 Jul 2005

Interesting site.click here

  shizzy 21:29 30 Jul 2005

Sorry been mentioned.

  jack 14:30 31 Jul 2005

When the dust has settled and the various elements of GTG have been wound up- there is a shed full or two of stock to dispose of.
Who will see to that and how will it be handled
support wise. -does Morgan Computers come to mind?

  interzone55 22:23 31 Jul 2005

Time mainly built PCs to order, so they won't be many spare PCs about.

There will be plenty of components though, which may interest some of the cheap system builders who advertise in the back pages of magazines. And unless they got rid of them in the few months since I left, there where hundreds of pallets of Lexmark printers and Huipu manitors in their warehouse.

  dan11 18:04 01 Aug 2005

The website,as above, put up to help ex-employees and customers of tiny. Has closed temprorarily.

It says that " Tiny's lawyers instructed the hosting firm to delete the site."

You would think Tiny's lawyers would have a few more pressing things on their minds.click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:33 01 Aug 2005

Obvious slander and outright libel always occupies lawyer's minds, the owners of the site were lucky to not receive a right royal rogering in the Courts.


  Forum Editor 18:59 01 Aug 2005

with libel and wildly sweeping comment. I'm not at all surprised it has gone off the air - the hosting company obviously didn't fancy spending a week in a libel court.

  Funkey 11:45 02 Aug 2005

As said before I don't think the Administrators are personally bothered about what was detailed on the site, they have other pressing matters to attend to.

They were probably more bothered about the site using the Tiny brand name and logo, in case it damaged any possibility of selling it to a third party.

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