TimeUK Part 2

  HondaMan 12:47 15 Feb 2006

Just an up-date. The ASA are NOT interested!

They classify it as a "clasified AD" and can only investigate advertisements that fall within the remit of the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing.

Watch this space!

  HondaMan 12:58 15 Feb 2006

"Thank you for your recent complaint. Although we do not have a copy of the advertisement in question, I believe the matter to which you refer constitutes classified advertisements. If this is the case, I am sorry to inform you that we are unable to take up your complaint.

The Advertising Standards Authority can only investigate advertisements that fall within the remit of the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing. Unfortunately, complaints about classified private advertisements fall outside the scope of our Code. If you wish to pursue this matter I suggest you contact your local Trading Standards office, whose details are provided below."

I am awaitng a call back from them!

  961 14:15 15 Feb 2006

I don't think it remotely falls within "classified advertising"

Like many of these quangos, they just can't be bothered and would go on functioning quite happily for the next 100 years if they never received a complaint

  stalion 18:40 15 Feb 2006

I will be interested to see the F.E.'s comments on this

  Forum Editor 19:50 15 Feb 2006

and nor, I imagine will most people.

If you want to update us with regard to a previous thread, either post in the thread, or, if it has been green-ticked, post a link to it.

I would much prefer it if you posted in the original thread however, so other forum users can see what you're talking about. As it is, this thread is pointless.

  stalion 19:54 15 Feb 2006


  HondaMan 20:33 15 Feb 2006

Well, I must confess, I am amazed that nobody bothered to simply look.

But, if you insist, here's the link, click here.

Stalion, I don't see what the FE could object to. I am not advocating a "do not buy" line, I am not accusing anyone of ripping me or indeed anyone else off. I am simply following a comment in the previous thread that the ASA MIGHT find the advert interesting in view of previous comments elsewhere on this and other forums!

  stalion 20:40 15 Feb 2006

I made no comment about what the F.E. might say I was interested to get his input, as it is he was not familiar with the subject.

  Totally-braindead 21:33 15 Feb 2006

HondaMan "I am amazed that nobody bothered to simply look", think about the number of postings there are to look through.
That said you obviously feel strongly enough to take it further. I cannot understand their attitude personally. I thought a classified was an advert placed by an individual and since Time is a company and not an individual I would not say it was a classified. Obviously I must be wrong and this is not what a classified is.

  HondaMan 14:36 17 Mar 2006

have replied. Here is an extract of their letter:
". I understand you object to the claim "Over 19 year's experience of the European IT market place" because TimeUK are a new company, whose distinction from their predecessor is quite clear.
I have spoken to the advertisers about your objections and explained that their advertisement could be in breach of our Code if they were unable substantiate the claims made within the advertisement. The advertisers explained that they made the claim on the basis that they acquired VMT Ltd's assets after their administration in 2005 and that VMT Ltd had manufactured Time branded PCs which have been sold for over 19 years. However, the advertisers have agreed to amend their advertising to ensure that this claim no longer appears. We are satisfied that the advertisers have adhered to our code on this occasion and we will therefore close our file. Please note that due to long copy deadlines this claim may still appear on some advertising in the near future."

Lets watch and wait!

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