Time/Tiny- Are thing worse than they look..

  spuds 13:59 09 Aug 2005

Possibly a latest update on affairs. Looks like HSBC and many others have a serious heartache in front of them, and the whole situation seems to be getting more complicated as time goe's on.Appears as though there is very little to salvage. click here

  joesoaps 17:25 09 Aug 2005

My god how did things get that bad? Would not be surprised to see the DTI investigating that mess.

  joesoaps 18:02 09 Aug 2005

click here Well we all have a living to make I suppose.Wonder how much extra they would charge you if you were not an ex Time/Tiny customer?

  shizzy 19:13 10 Aug 2005

click here
Look at the contact address and Tech support is £1 minute. Familiar. Got this info from another forum.

  Stuartli 10:05 12 Aug 2005

A company which used to have a computer components distribution centre near me and which has since move this particular branch to Skelmersdale is making enquiries about taking over the Tiny brand.

It produces its own computer systems under various brand names and is planning to incorporate the Tiny logo into its manufacturing side.

However, there are no plans to take on ex-Time/Tiny staff.

  joesoaps 15:57 12 Aug 2005

Think they would be brave to take on the Tiny brand name with it's present reputation.

  Maverick81 17:09 12 Aug 2005

Lets be fair guys most brand names no matter what the industry suffer if they go to the wall.

How many people have recently bought "new" rover cars.....not many.

Time and Tiny aren't the only brands to have gone to the wall recently

Dan , Carrera , PCS , Demonite to name but a few. And we would be naive if we thought all prospective buyers want from the administrators of time/tiny is the brands....The customer databases will have millions of customer all of whom need assistance and in some cases a new PC. Whoever does buy it needs to have a strong business plan if they intend to carry on warranty provision.

I believe that we will see a difference in the way we buy PC's from now on. Alot of the major vendors are making PC's in china and other parts of ASIA to cut costs. Time/tiny were selling cheap low margin systems something had to give

Mav :-)

  Al94 18:00 12 Aug 2005

Skoda is a case in point where brand names are concerned. Don't think the problem with Time/Tiny was all aboutselling cheap low margin systems - the results of any investigation and sight of the accounts will probably make for interesting reading!

  BBW 19:34 12 Aug 2005

I, recall in a well known computer magazine, the Asian owners being interviewed as succesful owners! I now read the administrators do not know who the owners are!

  Stuartli 00:25 13 Aug 2005

Your point is valid but the boss of the company concerned is reported as stating that he feels the Tiny brand name didn't suffer as much as Time.

  Stuartli 12:35 13 Aug 2005

In fairness, Time was a very successful brand for many years - I got my first home system from it in 1996 and only started to upgrade in 1999 (apart from replacing the original 14.4k fax/modem).

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