A timely reminder of a new non-emergency telephone number 101

  TopCat® 15:33 19 Sep 2011

Apparently this 101 number is to encompass all of England and Wales by January 2012, in an attempt to cut down the number of unnecessary 999 calls to the emergency services. Look out for notification in your area. TC. non-emergency number

  wiz-king 18:05 19 Sep 2011

No good for me - I'm right on the border of Surrey and need their police, fire and ambulance services but I have a Londinium telephone number so all calls go to the wrong lot of services.

  lucky1 18:47 19 Sep 2011

Like wiz-king we have problems with the wrong routing of 999 calls as we have a West Lothian phone code yet stay (just) in the Central Scotland Police, Fire and Ambulance Services area. Mobile emergency calls are even worse. I used my mobile to report a fairly large blaze in woods nearto us. I was 'routed' to the Fife Fire Service!

  morddwyd 20:45 19 Sep 2011


Never mind.

When Big Eck gets it through we will all be on big happy family, with just one police force and one fire service!

A crofter ringing to report a dead cow on his land in Shetland will get an immediate response from Glasgow!

  Border View 23:04 22 Sep 2011

Its 111 in Co. Durham where this scheme was piloted

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